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September 29, 2011

Consenting adults, of any species, should be free to do as they wish...shouldn't they?

Seems like no matter how innocuous a search term you plug into the web, you inevitably get a thousand links to hardcore porn. A search for safe toys for kids brings up a long string of dildos, vibrators and the like. An innocent research topic like corporal punishment gathers up S&M sites and much, much more...

No surprise, then, while trying to find some info on "Beauty and the Beast" for my four-year-old, I came upon a plethora of beastiality/bestiality sites. ?So there I am, faced with a woman giving a horse a blow job, and another being done doggy-style, by a dog, and I think: this is totally rude, completely utterly wrong, clearly morally repugnant, no matter how you look at it.

But then a contradictory voice inside my head asked: "What's the big problem? This is a victimless crime." (Is it a crime to suck off a pig, I wondered?) Those women, presumably, are old enough to make up their own minds about what they fuck, and those animals...

Well, those animals, honestly, couldn't look happier, with their ecstatic grins and their eager tongues flapping. We all know that dogs will hump anything that moves; do you think they are being harmed in any way, shape or form whatsoever? Contrary-voice-in-my-head says "I doubt it, if I was that dog, I'd love to hump a 5'10" busty blond bimbo."

So why does it fill us with so much disgust to see people having sex with animals? I mean, it is obviously wrong, isn't it? Everyone I have talked to feels very strongly that sex with animals is a disgusting, crass, rude, and filthy thing. Wrong, wrong, wrong!


Actually, I can't think of a reason, but it sure feels wrong. It must be wrong, it's just sooo... wrong! I'm sure the gods wouldn't approve, would they? Your mom certainly wouldn't be too happy, would she, if she saw a horse fucking you? 

Your boss would frown upon it. Your best friend would probably disown you, if he or she found you humping a sheep or being boned by a dog. Who could possibly not be offended?

Yet there are, at least, thousands of people, who not only are not offended, but who are doing it, and they are letting people take pictures of them doing it.

What are they thinking? ?Please, please, send us hate mail at BrilliantOrStupid.com and tell us why it's so obviously wrong to fuck animals.

Otherwise, we may just have to try it.