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September 20, 2009


When advising or warning others, I often use a cliche that I first heard on the Drew Carrey Show which says "The opposite of love isn't hate, Mimi, it's "indifference"." I always liked that line and it has stuck with me for many years and proven very useful actually, as a diffuser of certain situations. Now, I can talk the talk but can I walk the walk? It's hard to say on any given day because my Spanish/Irish/Scottish heritage genetically predisposes me to a fairly fierce temper, but it's not an immediate temper, it's an "I'm going to put this into words when I get home and then rape your pride" kind of temper. I had a friend comment to me recently that she just loves the way I set out and just say or do what other people just think about doing or wish they could do and I explained to her that the word she's looking for is "psychosis". Seriously? It has to be some sort of fibre/iron imbalance because I have no idea why I can't accomplish simple things, but if I want to knock someone's dick in the dirt, rest does not happen until my goal has been met. I don't get it. I have a retail career going here, I am not just A people person, I am THEE people person, I get recognized all over the place WARMLY and always kiss the babies and pet the dogs and am pretty happy and seem well adjusted and I always hear the word "nice" dangle around me "She's so nice", "she's so sweet" (what I wouldn't give just once to hear "RICH" instead of nice or sweet and have it be true, but anyway....), but when someone deliberately offends me or if I just find them to be offensive as a person, I can't just be indifferent. I feel my face flush and the observations flow like the very blood that pulses through my brain. I would never put my hands on another person (unless I had to), but sometimes, after I've written my letter or let into them with just exactly what I've been thinking, I think some if not most of them would have preferred the smack, punch, rusty fork in face, crowbar in the shin to the verbiage that is Mammy.