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April 13, 2015

Copenhagen NY received and ungodly amount of snowfall this year...

The little town of Copenhagen, NY was pounded with an upward of 20 feet of snow so far this winter season, making it the snowiest town in America.

Even more snow is expected to fall in upcoming weeks and Copenhagen’s 800 residents are proud of their town’s number one ranking.It’s an achievement they haven’t received since New York’s Great White Winter of 1976-77.

“The achievement is everything for Copenhagen.Praise Satan.” Said Copenhagen resident Carol Hayes.

After years passed without exceptional snowfall the New York town reluctantly went unremembered. Eventually Copenhagen residents resorted to unconventional and taboo tactics in an effort to bring thesnow back.

“It started with drum circles, then we dabbled in witchcraft, which escalated to straight up Satanism,” said Hayes. “Right or wrong, at the end of the day the unholy beast finally answered our blood sacrifices and every Copenhagenian sure is grateful for the abundant snowfall this wonderful winter season.”