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February 11, 2013

A list of things I observed while I watched the grammys


  1. There's barely any noticeable age gap between Mumford and his sons.
  2. Jack White is unlikely to say "Because I'm worth it" on a television commercial anytime soon.
  3. For a bunch of guys in something called "Fun." they could not look more dull.
  4. If he'd been punched in the face, set on fire, and then dragged backwards under a moving Pontiac, Adam Levine would look like he'd come out of the same vagina as Alicia Keys.
  5. Rihanna clearly didn't get that "Please don't be a whore" email.
  6. There's no obvious reason why there was a time when LL Cool J was cool with people younger than your "NCIS" addicted grandmother.
  7. You don't need Bernie Taupin or Bert Bacharach when you have Britney Autotuned. 
  8. Chuck D can still fight the power. But he's defencelesss against carbs.
  9. I'd like to never, ever, ever hear another Taylor Swift song.
  10. People are making terrible music.

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