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April 29, 2016

When Bey first started writing Lemonade, it didn't come out so poetic.

When Bey first started writing Lemonade, it wasn’t so poetic.

  • “You f*#king f*#k. I’m gonna f*#k you up when you get home. F*#K YOU!”
  • “You were NOT at Red Lobster all night. It closes at 11. You think I’m f*#kin stupid?! ”
  • “You cheat on me?! I could send one tweet and a million crazy bitches would find you and kill you. BeyHive is gonna cut your dick off.”
  • “I can literally smell pussy on you. That’s gross.”
  • “That bitch? You f*#ked that basic bitch? What’s she do? Make rompers and listen to MY ALBUMS ALL DAY. F*#k that bitch.”
  • “Oh you want to get back together? You can suck my dick.”
  • “Last night I taught Blue to call you her Step Father.”
  • “You’re steppin out on me? You seen yourself lately? You have a straight up double chin. Sad 20 pound overweight punk.”
  • “Have I told you recently, F*#k you!”
  • “You can get Becky With The Good Hair to go down on you, but you know what you can’t get her to do? Sign up for TIDAL. F*#king fool.”
  • “TIDAL. HA. Bitch, you ever heard of iTunes? You gonna be bankrupt in a year without me.”
  • “You know what your dick is now? Broke. Let’s see how many skanks want your broke ass dick now.”
  • “Oh by the way, I just smashed the sh*t out of your Maserati. Better get used to taking the bus, bitch.”
  • “Oh, I forgot. Go F*#k Yourself, J.”