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October 19, 2013

The Twitter feed of a ranger who works at Lake Mead National Park, Nevada on the day the 2013 US Government Shutdown began.


@RangerTed 30-Sep-2013 11:14PM

A beautiful end to another beautiful day in paradise. See you all tomorrow @BoatBoys702 @DrakeMead @Hoover_Dam_Info!!


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 7:32AM

Eggs for breakfast AGAIN. Regretting buying that crate of 64 from @CostcoTweets! #bulkvalue


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 7:40AM

No traffic on the open road. #np Three Little Birds - Bob Marley


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 8:06AM

I’ve been waiting forever at this barrier entry. HEY GUYS OPEN UP!


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 8:11AM

@ChargersFanEric Hey man, are you working this morning? I’ve been waiting at Checkpoint 12 for a while and I don’t think there’s anyone here


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 8:15AM

@ChargersFanEric What’s the code for the booth? I’m gonna just let myself in or I’ll be late


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 8:17AM

@ChargersFanEric Don’t worry about it, it was the same as our booth. You might wanna let Gomez know there’s no one here yet though


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 8:35AM

Five minutes late but the boss still isn’t in yet. #LuckoftheIrish


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 8:36AM

@davecostello No I am, my great-grandfather was originally from Dublin


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 8:45AM

Boss man still isn’t here. 15 minutes late, let’s hope that drinking finally caught up with him!! #RIPMrGunnerman #PrayForGunner


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 8:46AM

Is it possible to delete tweets?


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 8:46AM

@Twitter_Help How do I delete a tweet?


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 8:48AM

@Twitter_Help I don’t see any trash can icon


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 8:49AM

@Twitter_Help Thanks for nothing


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 9:20AM

I guess the boss must be sick. #earlylunchforme


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 9:43AM

Still not had a single vehicle pass by. Where y’all at? You’re missing the beautiful weather


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 9:57AM 

I liked a video - ‘Bob Marley - Live in Kingston (1976)’ m.youtu.be/ref?_3384afcad45 via @YouTube


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 10:08AM

Don’t get me wrong, I love the lake but it sure does get boring here when no visitors pass by


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 10:11AM

@MarleyStarsBand When are you guys hitting Vegas next? Saw you back in Feb, can’t wait to be blown away again! #reggae #bigfan


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 10:19AM

OK this is just getting stupid


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 10:26AM

@Hoover_Dam_Info Any sign of life over your side? It’s as dead out here


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 10:29AM

@Hoover_Dam_Info Ah, well enjoy your day off!


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 10:33AM

@DrakeMead @Hoover_Dam_Info What do you mean I’m an idiot?


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 10:34AM

@DrakeMead @Hoover_Dam_Info Of course I’m at work right now


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 10:34AM

@DrakeMead @Hoover_Dam_Info No I didn’t have time to watch the news this morning, had to cook a whole omelette. Trying to use up these damn eggs


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 10:35AM

@Hoover_Dam_Info @DrakeMead WHAT?!


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 10:51AM

‘US Government Shuts Down For First Time In 17 Years’ cnn.com/news/breaking/gov... via @CNN


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 10:54AM

10 Ways You Can Make Your Life Easier During The Government Shutdown - buzzfeed.com/ajmcinly/1435... via @Buzzfeed


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 11:02AM

I knew this would happen. Why did you have to try and mess with a perfectly working system? Thanks #Obamacare


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 11:05AM



@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 11:10AM

@BoatBoys702 I’m not gonna chill out Jerry! I came all the way to work for nothing. Are we even getting paid?


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 11:12AM

@BoatBoys702 What email? @DrakeMead @Hoover_Dam_Info did you guys get this?


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 11:17AM

@AOLmail Your lousy service cost me a whole morning’s work


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 11:18AM

Ugh @AOLmail is the worst


@RangerTed 01-Oct-2013 1:23PM

At home, feet up, watching Sports Center with a lunchtime cold one. Loving that #FurloughLife