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I knit. Yeah, I know, I'm a spinster granny with 101 cats. I'm the Cruella Deville of yarn, I know. I get it, I know.

As you can see by the pictures I've casually placed lower in this blog, I recently finished a headband with this adorable bow on it, and my first cowl! Both of which did not turn out as I expected. Isn't that always the case though? If life throws lemons at your face, sometimes
there is nothing to do because you are blinded by lemon juice.

With the headband, it was so big when I finished that I had to over-wrap it to make it tighter. I think once I wear it a few times and my enormous head stretches it out, it's going to turn into a cowl too. That's fine, I think it will make a mighty fine cowl. I just want it to find itself and be happy in it's own yarn.

With the cowl, I made it too thin. I meant for it to be a really thick, warm winter scarf, but I got excited and finshed it off early. Now it's going to make a nice Spring or Autumn accesory, but really, who cares? This B gets cold in the winter! What's worse is that the already thin edges curl in towards each other, hiding the design I worked so hard on, and making it look like I'm wearing a wool sock around my neck.

Better luck next time? You'll be finiding out soon enough. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH! (I'm knitting another cowl I'll likely blog about).



I call this one the "I'm A Knitting Model Who Is Just So Giddy About This Pattern That I Look Like A  Butthole"



I call this one "What The-You Eyen' Me Bird? Don't You Dare Poop On This Headband Or I Swear..I'll...Umm...Cry?"



I call this one "Hey, At Least This Time My Face Is Showing In The Pictures"


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