It's so hard to pick just 10 because Carly Murran is such an awesome BFFL. But here we go!!



10. She's the prettiest girl in the world!


9. She's the nicest girl in the world! 


8. We do so many things together. Sometimes we play "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall", and she lets me play the part of the mirror. She always asks me who the fairest of them all is, and I always say her! 


7. I can talk to her about ANYTHING. Mostly we talk about surveys that she writes, asking me whether or not she's the prettiest or nicest girl in the world. I always say yes, because I don't have any other choices on the survey. 


6. She also lets me do all sorts of chores for her, because chores build character! 


5. One time she baked me a cookie. It turned out to be a poisonous cookie but she warned me while the cookie was still in my mouth so I had time to spit it out without swallowing too much of it. 


4. When my family got robbed, she invited me over to her place to calm down, and told me she'd give me all my stuff back when she was done with it. 


3. Constantly teaching me new things like the definition of "friend" and how it applies to our current circumstances! 


2. She teaches me things about myself, too. One time when I still believed in Santa she told me that Santa couldn't be real because old people die. Then I said Santa had a magic potion that let him live forever. Then Carly and I went to the mall and she shot Santa, proving me wrong. The moral of the story is, I don't know more than her. 


1. If you're still reading this, I have a confession to make. Carly forced me to write this list and said she'd burn down my house and kill my goldfish if I refused. I'm chained to the wall in her basement and typing this list with my teeth. I haven't eaten in three days, save for one half of a poisonous cookie. I'm too scared to try my luck with any other food she's been offering me. I could argue that it's impossible to write Carly a list about how awesome she is if I'm dead, but rational logic doesn't seem to apply in Carly's world. She keeps tightening my handcuffs for being sassy. Please send help! Gotta go, just heard the crack of a whip.