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December 29, 2009


Well, he might as well have.Hope this allegedly thieving unfunny bitch is a flash in the pan. Like Fred Weller. DR. KEN performed a jokeostomy when he allegedly stole my mike fart joke and won the Big Sleazy Laff Jerk Off. I got pissed off plus I was drunk so I cursed him out and kicked 15 or 20 cheap metal chairs in the air. And,I curse someone out it's like an art-form. I WAS CLOCKED SAYING 20 DIFFERENT CUSSWORDS UNDER A MINUTES. That's 3 seconds a word.I'm so glad I didn't see the Hangover in the theatres. I would have been talking back to screen. Throwing popcorn,Sno-caps,Goobers, Raisinettes and shit at the screen. I should be on NBC'S Community working with Chevy Chase. So he can work a real talented comedian before he kneels over from a heart attack due to any allegedly cocaine floating in the air backstage in his SNL daze! Chevy rules! Ken just drools.At least,Chevy and I have cocaine residue built up in our arteries in our hearts.So,we got that to talk about.