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July 14, 2009


http://www.bestweekever.tv/bwe/images/2009/04/Creed.jpgThe image “http://img373.imageshack.us/img373/2881/mylesredone8pe.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.http://www.rockarchive.ru/images/c/creed1.jpg
      The guy from Creed, some guy from Nickleback, and that chick do "The Creed"

The band we love to hate yet love(d) to parody (2-3 years ago) has resurrected its greasy little head in the most unsuspecting place: My Ofoto's online photo album.  I know what you're thinking - Julia, who's Ofoto? For those of you narrowminded folks, Ofoto means Grandmother in Greek.

What I'm trying to say is that Creed posers are photo bombing (or, "Croto Bombing") my pictures.  They must be stopped:

Exhibit A:  A Croto Bomber ironically ruins an already ironically-posed picture at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery Screening (2008). 

Exhibit B:  My birthday celebration ascends to an ethereal level, thanks to Croto Bomber Colin.  No thanks to Nate and Kristin for the Whole 'Julian' Thing.


Exhibit C: Suddenly, I too had become a Croto Bomber.  Nothing comes between me and my friends 'cept a stiff arm and a stoic smirk.

And finallllly...

Exhibit C: THE DOUBLE CROTO-BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This happened during my 2006 visit to Rio.  That same trip, I bought 10 pairs of Haviana flip-flops at the drug store and brought them to my friends and family as gifts thinking they were the most unique and cultural item from the entire country.  The sandals were underwhelming at best.  Just like Creed, the band (2-3 years ago, when we were all knockin' Creed).