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June 04, 2018

Is it time for men to leave the work force and take on the role of the housewife? By King Christopher

Reasons Men Make Better Housewives

King Christopher

Are women forcing men to hit the road and become “housewives”? Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to let women completely take over the work force and push men into the role of being the housewife. Here are five reasons why men could be better homemakers than women.

1. Men are more able and better at basic home maintenance such as…plumbing, roofing,
painting and yard work. How often do you hear husbands telling the wife to go and clean
out the gutters?

2. Women these days, are most likely to choose a career over a man anyway. So why go
through a divorce or break up and just let the man be the housewife so both can benefit
from working together?

3. All the famous chefs seem to men! Could men be naturally better in the kitchen than

4. Women see work as fun: All these years women have been jealous of men for dominating
the work force. But men don’t work because they want to, they have no choice! Men
haven’t been going to work all these years, leaving the wife at home missing out on

5. A man is more gratful when a woman takes care of him financially. But modern women
have become more resentful of a man taking care of her in the money department.

If it ever becomes more socially acceptable for men to stay home? Then maybe this will help eliminate the current man-shaming climate that women have created. After all, in the animal kingdom a lion pride relies on the female to feed the pride. Maybe it’s time people do the same.