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Published April 08, 2014
Craig Kilborn, the former host of both “The Daily Show” and “The Late Late Show,” revealed he has become encouraged by many of his co-workers at Walmart to throw his hat in the ring to be the possible successor to David Letterman when the legendary talk show host retires in 2015.  According to Kilborn, the most surprising thing about his co-workers’ encouragement for him to become Letterman’s successor, is that most of the employees at the San Diego Walmart where he’s worked since his last television show, “The Kilborn File,” was cancelled after six weeks in 2010, had no idea he used to be a famous network talk show host. “To them I’m just Craig, the real tall greeter who says funny snarky things to customers when they come in the store,” Kilborn told Hollywood & Swine. “But ever since Letterman revealed he was stepping down last week, they’ve been hounding me to make an audition tape.  None of them believe me when I tell them being a late night host on CBS isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.” Despite not making millions anymore from being a famous talk show host, Kilborn is getting by comfortably thanks to his Walmart minimum wage and the extremely generous gift baskets sent to him by Jon Stewart and Craig Ferguson as their way of thanking him for quitting “The Daily Show” and “The Late Late Show,” which allowed their careers to flourish. “Maybe if I listened to people working at Walmart for career advice, I might still be on the air,” Kilborn said.  “After all, Arsenio Hall would be still working here as a cashier, if he didn’t listen to their advice to mount a comeback.”