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May 01, 2010


Kick-Ass is about a high school, comic reading dork who asked a real good question ~ why is it that no one tries to be a real life super hero?

So, Dave; the main character in the movie, begun his quest to be one . . . a real life super hero in his green scuba suit ~ KICK ASS!  Unfortunately, Dave's ass got kicked more than him doing the kicking.

Until this purply girl showed up with her Big Daddy . . .

kick ass hit girl 11 3 10 kc New Kick Ass Hit Girl SXSW Poster
Basically, the story was about Big Daddy's revenge because the bad guys ruined his life ~ boo hoo!

Why I loved it? ~ Because it's action packed and funny through and through!  To me it's like a mini FACE-OFF movie.  Big guns and little guns were playing with each other.  There were sharp knives . . . blood squirting from the bad guys and the good guys.  Also a jet pack was used to save the day.  And of course there's the back story of a teenage boy's angst of having a girlfriend and getting laid.

I higly recommend this movie for all to see ~two thumbs up . . way up in the arse (that is TDM's highest rating!)

And wish me luck for tomorrow I'm going to get my ass kicked because the little ones tagged along with me to see it. . .

So, if I'm going to be a real life super hero . . . I will be Spydergirl and I will save men in distress from blue balls!  How about you?