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July 23, 2008


Easton Events

Jim McPartland



I used to love the Police. Not the Sting kind (although musically, he’s cool). I’m talking about the walking the beat guys- the ones that protect us- everyday- the kind that stormed World Trade Center knowing it might be the last citation they’d ever hand out if they found someone smoking in the staircase. Most that you run into are pretty good guys and gals- they give you a break if you’re polite. They know, as I do, that when push comes to shove they could arrest me for anything they want and I’d spend at least a couple hours getting a big black dick shoved up my ass in the local joint. So I always behave. I’d LIKE to say to some of them ‘Get off your soapbox. Just because you have a badge and a black uniform that causes you to sweat so much you look like you’ve been to Iowa and smell like rotten Clam Chowder does not give you the right to belittle me’.

There was an incident in Easton, CT on 5/18 where they totally blew it.

Late in the morning on that Sunday, they get a search warrant for the home of Ron Terebesi, looking for drugs. The Easton Police had received a tip from an ‘Adult Entertainer’ that morning there was drug activity at the house.

Easton is a very well-to-do, suburban community. Drug trafficking isn’t on their 10 list on “Why You Would Want to Live in Easton’.

According to the Dancer, she picked up a friend of Terebesi’s at 4:15 AM 5/18 after she got off of “work” and arrived at the house at 7 AM. The story does not indicate where they went for almost 3 hours- my guess is one of the local short stay motels with free porn and a Jacuzzi that operates on quarters. Time and ½ OT for her too.

When she got there, she used the bathroom- only to return to see her two new friends smoking crack and watching porn. At 7 in the morning. Crack. Porn. Christ, I’m still swigging coffee at that time of the morning and never in my life as it dawned on my to grab the glass pipe and throw on ‘Slutty Sisters 3’ at that time. That alone should send the National Guard. Well, no, it can’t be them as they’re on their 3rd Iraqi tour.

Why she leaves but then calls and tips off the police to the ‘recreational activity’ is never specified. Vindictive whore who got stiffed when the two of them gang banged her but wouldn’t pay? I don’t know.

This particular address was known by Easton police. They’d received many a complaint of suspicious activity in the wee hours of the morning, but for whatever reason they never acted upon them. Rumors had it there were guns in the house, although no one ever complained they were doing target practice at squirrels in the yard while on drugs. With porn on their laptops.

Two weeks prior to the raid, Terebesi had called police to say there’d been a drive by shooting at his house. Bullets were lodged in his siding.

I’ve never experienced being shot at (although certain FOD members have threatened to do so). But if I’m living there, I’m a tad anxious. Not so worried I won’t do crack and porn at the break of dawn on a Sunday, but I’m concerned.

After the police get the complaint from the Dancer, they band together. Three towns are involved- Easton, Monroe and Trumbull. I would think they’d involve the FBI if they really thought there’d be trouble, but I imagine they figured they could take two crack heads on a peaceful Sunday.

At 2:30 PM a small militia of 8, comparable to Iraqi insurgents, is standing outside Terebesi’s house. If Terbesi and his friend were cracking’ and porn’n at 7 AM, they’re asleep now.

For whatever reason- without the bullhorn “Come out with your hands up!”- with NO warning-- they propel percussion grenades into the house.

Ever felt a explosion like that? I haven’t. I imagine it gives you quite a headache and puts you in a foul mood.

According to police, the friend comes storming out of the house. They did not say they thought he had a weapon, only that he came at them in a ‘threatening manner’.

A Monroe officer shot him twice and killed him. He was 28.

Crack is not a good thing. Bringing strippers to a house at 7 AM on a Sunday’s not the best idea either. But to be killed because a policeman over reacts and got scared? Do you not think after the drive by shooting and unannounced grenades they police may have scared Terebesi and company? I’m not classically trained in SWAT techniques, but does common sense apply anywhere anymore?

Terebesi pleaded guilty to some sort of misdemeanor because they police did find some ‘glass pipes with cocaine residue’- but nothing else. He has to attend some group drug counseling, but that’s it. We know that won’t cure him of his habit- and probably won’t stop him from dealing, which I’m sure he does.

His friend’s family has filed a suit against the three towns. I’m sure Terebesi will follow. As a taxpayer in Monroe, I hope we have a ton of liability insurance because this wrongful death suit is going to cost a shitload of money.

They’ve suspended the officers (with pay) pending an investigation. You think maybe they could stand a retraining class on either how to deal with crisis or even how to just avoid them if you’re nervous and trigger happy?

I’m a little more skeptical when I see a Monroe police car now. I’m afraid if I run a light and look at him/her weird, they’ll pull a ‘Magnum Force’ on me. Where’s Dirty Harry when you need him?