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May 28, 2016

Remember, True Love doesn’t last as long as your ” Hard On”. When you’re mad at your partner remember you still have to sleep with them. Unless you’re planning to tie your loved one up to a flag pole naked. And then put honey all over their body so the red ant’s can climb into their Ass. Maybe, he might surprise you, one Christmas morning and do that for you. Try to keep your anger down! No matter what: 15 to life isn’t worth it! Remember allow both you and your spouse to be yourselves. Some cases this might be excusable if you’re husband and you are Bonnie and Clyde. Or if your husband needs restraint’s because he’s doing time in the mental ward with Charles Manson. But don’t try to control one another unless you want him to sleep with your gorgeous neighbor who looks like Marilyn Monroe in drag. Remember you don’t have to tell your love one everything! Especially about last night, when you slept with that prostitute unless that was your Love one in disguise! But really, it’s always good to be open with your Love one, except when she’s pointing the gun at you. Explore some new wondrous possibilities in bed with your partner unless she wants to bring the chainsaw with her. Don’t be afraid to ask what your partner likes or doesn’t like in bed. After all the other two men outside her room can wait! You still have an hour left. Life get weird when you don’t communicate with your love one be open and honest with each other. Much Love and Light Richard