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October 15, 2009


Just sceduled my 2x yearly maintanance on the baby maker. This is always an anxious experience for me... not because I am expecting any surprises., like a colony of gnomes or anything..... but rather because of my gyno's odd bedside manner. She is a phenomenal doctor- takes the time to answer any questions... all that good stuff... but she seems to be amazed by my virtuous vagina ...

Granted I live in NYC.. and reality is most girls are little  P.I.Gs .. but has the state of the world gotten that bad that my undieseased... intact flower is highlight???

For example...
1) She always invites someone else in the room and makes the comments  about my cervix.. like :great Cervix" " Good Color"
2) She then reads my chart and proclaims.. "No abortions!... great"

It is all very strange

I was thinking of rigging a "jack in the BOX" down there ...  let's see how surprised she is then..