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December 09, 2014

5 things the world wouldn't have without men

A World Without Men

By King Christopher

Women today always question the need for men, as if they could successfully run the world without men. Women should be asking themselves, what would the world be like without men? What kind of things would women have to do without, if they were able to fulfill their fantasy of no men.

Food:Not much farming would take place in a world with no men. Women wouldn’t have their favorite organic foods or a way to transport it if it wasn’t for men who are willing to be lonely truck drivers.

Roads:Its mainly men who build streets and highways and if there is any women working construction then they usually hold a supervise position.

Cars:Women may work for car companies but when it comes to building cars,it’s usually men who work on the assembly line.

Sewer:When women use half a role of toilet paper every time they go to the bathroom, someone has to fix the sewer systems.

Electricity:Women consume more resources and power than men. In a world without men, nobody would be maintaining power lines so women can use hairdryers and other devices

The reason women think they can run the world without men is because there’s a lot of men lying to women, telling them that they can do it all by themselves just so they can try to get in their pants.