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September 25, 2017

Go Henry Reviews - Find Out All You Need To Know

Go Henry Reviews - Find Out All You Need To Know

Go Henry Information
It’s an excellent tool that has supported us to instruct our kids about money, and how to be efficient with it. So much so that we thought we would put together an article to help other parents and to share our experiences.

Go Henry Account Reviews
Go Henry is a mobile phone app, website, and contactless VISA debit card, that supports parents educate their kids and teenagers how to handle their bankings.

Go, Henry Card
The cheque is now essentially untouched and buying something with cash is on the decay. We wonder if our kids will be the first age to use electric pay arrangements, further than cash? The problem is that spending on plastic and microchips can easily lead to uncontrollable amounts of debt.

This is where the Go Henry debit card has really helped us as a family and why I wanted to write several Go Henry Reviews, as I believe they are helping to provide financial education to our children, in a fun and practical way.

As a parent of two children aged 10 and 12, I feel I have a responsibility to prepare them to manage their finances. GoHenry has a website with full reporting and a simple to use interface for setting up the parameters for each child. I can easily set up controls and allowances and they can only spend what I permit them to spend. They can also earn extra pocket money, I simply add it to their account using my smartphone, at the click of a button.

Go Henry Reviews
Before making my decision to sign up with the card I read numerous Go Henry Card Reviews but at the time struggled to find one that went in to enough detail. This was the main reason for building this website as I wanted to make sure that I shared the benefits of using the card as a parent. There are numerous Go Henry Card Reviews out there now so it’s less of an issue.