MAR. 22, 2012


Former Governor of Florida Jeb Bush said this week that he was endorsing Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination, citing that it was time to get behind one candidate.

Rick Santorum responded, “Oh. That’s gay.”


A new book has been published called “The Little Black Book of Scams”, which teaches people how to avoid everything from lottery scams to pyramid schemes.

A used copy of the book can be yours for just 12 easy payments of $29.99.


Actor Richard Gere says that he is not a fan of his own movie “Pretty Woman” and just wants to forget he ever took part in that silly romantic comedy.

There’s also that other thing that he wants to forget about, but he keeps getting reminded of it every damn time he sees a commercial featuring the KIA gerbils.  


Several doctors have been told to stop looking for mates online, in case they were to accidentally court one of their patients, as it violates the patient-doctor agreement.

Though you’re kind of asking for it if you tell WebMD you’ve got a “bad case of loving you”.


A woman in Denver was arrested after bragging that she had skipped out on her jury duty.

Hey, for this case, good luck finding 12 unbiased people who don’t think that jury duty totally sucks.


A new charity has set up a robot barber that will allow people to quickly get their heads shaved.

All proceeds will go to the families of those killed by robot barbers.


Little Rock, Arkansas has renamed its airport in honor of two of its most famous citizens – former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary.

Hey, wait, doesn’t that new TSA agent giving you the pat down look sort of familiar?