During my wonderful time spent with Brian, my dating profile was disabled. All that work and I only responded to one person then disabled it; pretty good statistics, if you ask me. After we amicably ended our May-December relationship of about four to five months, I activated my dating profile again. This time, I caught the eye of a successful Italian businessman living in a big city nearby.

Marco was handsome, well-traveled from his work and personal love of travel, and cultured with an Italian accent that was hard not to fall for. He was the epitome of a win in the dating world, or so I thought. We talked online for several weeks while he traveled; he loved to talk about himself and his work, and I loved to listen. We planned to meet in person once he returned from Italy and the U.K.

At one point, I ended up hospitalized before he was due back and wasn’t responding to his e-mails, which worried him. My best friend did what any best friend would do; she logged into my account and let him know for me. She gave him my hospital phone number and room number and, thankfully, he called.
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