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April 14, 2010


What makes Pollux different from other companies? For one, we're advantaging the greenfield. That means that we are seizing on new opportunities by leveraging synergies.

Pollux is looking to raise $200,000 in order to:
Develop a prototype service where beta users can live in the virtual world and buy their virtual goods
Make $2,000,000 in profit by Year 2

This is based on:
1. Today, everyone plays virtual worlds
2. Nobody does a virtual world like we do
3. Our monetization path is unique and scalable
4. Our experienced team has a combined total of 50 years experience in virtual worlds and mobile phones

The market opportunity is huge.

1. 500 million people will be using iPhones in a number of years
2. Everybody uses Facebook
3. Some people spend $1,000s of dollars in virtual worlds
4. Facebook is considered cool. So is MySpace

Avatars and business meetings is an un-tapped B2B market opp.

Nobody else is doing vampire zombie speed skaters with organ farms in a virtual world.

Advantage the greenfield.