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May 08, 2011

Um just a day in the life of a conversation that seem awkward, but got even more awkwarder when i didn't realize other people are as crazy as me especially females, Ah, that sweet stencth of Psychoticness.

A response on the new movie friends with benefits starring the Beautiful and Sensational Mila Kunis and the Talented decently former boy-band looking Justin Timberlake. (He's cool too)

wait, wait , hold on, didn't fine ass, well pretty ass Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher already make a movie that had a friends with benefits theme?  Oh yea they did, Hmm? I'm just saying, so if they still made it and didn't kick themselves or the script writers in the ass. (20 million is still 12 million after taxes bitch) I can come out with some of my Influential Hilariously retarded sketches. Thanks to all those rip off I mean Inspired movies and T.V. show's you're the best. Heroes you're one of my favorite new/old shows but you may or may not be a rip off of X-Men I'm just saying. But still I enjoy the shit out of this show as well as Smallville which is a rip off of Superman, wait Warner Bros. How'd you get the rights to D.C. Comics you've played your cards well this time. round eye

P.S. What the fuck ever happened to the W.B. (and that racist ass frog, Dave Chappelle said it not me, but yea ( Welcome back niggers.. to the W.Beee! (tips hat off) I like chicken.) Anyway I mean is it the same in New York and Chicago, Los Angeles, cause in Florida, right after I graduated in 05, that shit quickly changed to the C.W. and I moved over to  Clearwater and I said oh schnap, Clearwater has it's own network station. No bitch only Oprah. So did they go bankyrupt, or sold it or something, but I see Warner Bros. studios on movies and shit soooo....? W.T.F. 

Chivoun Thompson
Rockville with Mr. Gates...Bill Gates that is...should be fun :)

Aubrey Griffin 

name dropping are we, huh I've masturb- I mean play patty cake, yes patty cake to celebrity women all the time you don't see me saying Oh, Tia Bella, Sofia Vergara Younger Sofia Loren and Natasha Curry amazing time last night ladies.( wiping the crust out of my eye from that 9hr sex coma when you two I mean you four maid me cry out of my penis last night.) (Oh You deserve a Golden Platinum Star).

I'm just kidding How are you? that may sound weird but don't read it out of context

Chivoun Thompson

"Dumbass  there is no right context."
uuuhhhh i believe i just read someones status about Natalie Portmans fine, i mean pretty ass but u werent chillin wit her... u were just dreamin like how Charlie Sheen dreams about bein the real ScarFace, duh winning or how Lindsey Lohan dreams about makin another hit movie or how NeNe dreams about actually bein a housewife hahahaha hows that for some name droppin bitch!? damn i aint talk to u in forever!

Aubrey Griffin
wow, I laughed the whole way through that was awesome, fucking Beautiful, the ramblings of a mad man, I was impressed, reminded me of me. I was just, I- wait, well I was just comparing the two movies, and yes she's fine I mean pretty. If by comparison maybe that justifies as name dropping but I bet you weren't hanging out with Lindsay Snorthan (get it, sniff sniff) either, so by you hanging out with Mr. Gates does that mean your using one of his many Microsoft inventions?

Aubrey Griffin

So people actually do read the retarded babblings that come out of my mouth. they start out as mini dust and debris ideas then go supernova and my fingers start flying all over the key board like little tiny angry asian men( ho ti de ho may li) then poof! gone in a banana scented perfume. Yea I know you disowned me for a good 8yrs, then you asked me to help kill a goblin or racoon on the Wizard's of Waverly place game.

Aubrey Griffin
So that means maybe just maybe Kim Kardashian( oh name dropper) (but I love Her) I'm just kidding, no I'm not, yes I am, no I'm NOT!, may have seen my postings about the time like 3 months ago when she posted a message right after, exactly ...after I did and I felt special. I love her hair, and that I'm seriously about this one. I don't Luv her, I'm um psssh, just in lesbians with her maybe. I just want to lick her face, " Hey buddy, yea um what exactly did you expect to accomplish with these ramblings, so you loooove her. "well once again if you read it out of context." " there is no right context! Um lick her face wow, really is that not I don't know a little stalkerish. Looks like you have a crush or obsession, your call. " I - I did not say lick her face, (laughing nervously) don't make fun of my accent. Shut up vagina face


Oh and for this mother's day a female that I know had went to the ranch-lands, or petting zoo with her childrens and shit. So she had taken a picture with her on the back of um sleeping beauty that horse from the disney throw up of a movie. Yea she was all saddled up with the Cow-boy/girl hat looking like a real Texas Rodeo, Debbie does Dallas or some shit. Which by the way does not mean what I thought it does, wait never mind yes it is, I meant that one Dolly Parton movie the Littlest whore house or some shit

So some guy had commented by saying I like your new ride, of course he was talking about the horse it was a joke hardy-har har, okay great, she posted back, didn't come. Scrrr, hold up, wait you didn't come on what,  I mean when, when did you not come, or where. Wait what's going on are you coming or the horse because I gotta tell you that's a lot of Mexican American Conversion from pesos to dollars for cleaning what ever or how ever much came out of you or the horse. ( and by the way I only know that because of an episode of That 70's Show when Jackie and Donna were talking about their first time but Jackie stated that she actually had her first you know Orgasm when she went horse back riding. Then I said to myself, I said self, wait hold on why are you thinking about this so hard it doesn't have to be that complex. I just get an idea or some type or sentence or phrase and my mind starts churning, Oh lordy, lordy, sorry, ( I'm sorry)

Then she posted why didn't you and tidy or whatever ghetto black name you feel like calling yourself( I go through some name changes too) why didn't you two come too, so she was asking why didn't they come along to the Dude-ranch or someshit. Well Face book once again it's your fault, misleading the comments. start from top to bottom not bottom to top other wise I'm going to think she really getting her Mother's Day gift in some kind of way. Okay FaceBook thank you.