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July 12, 2017

Run out of chairs? Have no fear. All of these everyday items can be used as seats and here there are in a neat little list.

Your party for the big game is a hit! The food is being devoured, your guests’ drinks are flowing, and you’ve gotten an endless amount of compliments on your new 72-inch curved flat screen 3D HD TV screen screen. But – oh, no! You’ve run out of seats!! Well don’t worry your sweet little heart: this list will let you know exactly what you can use as a seat.

Coffee table


It was in front of you this entire time! That’s right, a coffee table can support more than just magazines and drinks. Go ahead a plop your booty on down – this wooden structure has got your back.

Mini fridge


Never would have guessed this but, yeah, you can use a mini fridge. This should be in your living room already - but if it isn’t, drag it on in from the garage for an opportune extra seat. Not only can this baby provide you with ice cold beverages, but it can help you rest your fire hot feet.



This one is bonkers. You ride this all the time from place to place, but did you know it doesn’t have to move?? It doesn’t! Pull your bike in from outside, lean it up against the wall, and just get to sitting. Congratulations, you’ve got an extra seat on your hands.

Guitar case


The guitar case isn’t just for holding a guitar anymore. Wow, huh? That’s right - shut that bad boy up and rest your cheeks. Relax to the sounds of easy listening (maybe) and easy sitting.

Laundry bag


And to think: you were almost going to do your laundry this week. Thank God you didn’t, because at this moment you have yourself an extra seat - and a comfy one at that! Who would have thought?

Trash can


You use this sludge bucket every day, but have you ever used it to its full potential? No, no you haven’t, because you’ve never used it as a seat. But now you can! Close it up and BOOM you got - yet again – a new seat.

Trash bag


Wow, the trashcan is the seat that keeps on giving. Open it on up, pull out your latest hull of garbage, tie it off, and rest easy my friend. Surprise! Another seat.



You’ve seen this around the campfire, now see it around the Amazon fire stick. Go outside, cut down the thickest, sturdiest tree you can find, and plop a chunk of it in your living room. Easy, convenient, and recyclable! Can you even believe this?!



Dang, it is already the hardest working thing in your house and now it’s ready to handle yet another job: being just an ordinary seat. Give it a flush and put down the lid – you’re looking at another seat, pal.

Best friend


Your best friend is the best (it says it in the title (see above)). They’re giving, kind, *record scratch* durable? Totally. Have your best friend lay down and take a seat on the shoulders that have supported you before – this time not just emotionally. Turns out, everything is a seat.



The brain is powerful. So powerful it could make you believe you have friends that came to your party for the big game. Additionally, that so many people showed up you need to get more and more seats – seemingly an endless amount of seats. You’re in luck - use the very same brain to conjure up any type of seat you want. Anything is a seat as long you as you believe!