The lights have now dimmed and the carpet is rolled up: Hollywood’s biggest night is now behind us, so naturally we must recap the spectacle! Who were the big winners and who were the losers? And why must we as a country execute the losers after they do not take home a golden man statue. I think it’s an awful way to end a glamorous night.

Chris Rock shone as a host. He was as funny as he’s known to be and appropriately skewered the Academy for the lack of diversity in their nominations. Here’s a clip of him interviewing black moviegoers in Compton about the films of the year.


It’s fun and pointed and perhaps everyone is in a good mood simply because none of them were nominated for awards, therefore risking their lives if they don’t win.
The dresses! The tuxedos! The in-betweens! What and who the stars are wearing was half the fun of the evening. Here were two of my top picks:


Best Actress nominee Saoirse Ronan (‘Brooklyn’) in a glittering Calvin Klein number. She looks absolutely stunning and it’s unbelievably unfortunate that she is dead now just because she did not win an Oscar.



Best Actress winner Brie Larson (‘Spotlight’) dazzled in this royal blue Gucci gown. Lucky for her, she may get to wear it to another event one day.

Now on to the ceremony itself! The tensions were as high as the stakes. After what is sometimes years of working on these films, the cast, crew, and production teams are incredibly anxious to find out if they’ll win or not. Imagine dedicating such a huge chunk of your life to a project and this one deciding night will either put your name in the history books of Hollywood or leave you dead.

Ugh. I just wish there was another way to treat the not-winners of the evening. Just because they did not create the top motion picture of the year, I don’t believe that’s good enough reason to kill them. Why can’t they try for another year? At least could we execute them after trying and failing for two years in a row? It is so barbaric, especially on a night meant to celebrate something so fantastical as film.

I’m aware this isn’t a popular opinion, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t voice my disgust with this tradition. Alright, well moving on. To break up the stakes of the evening were fun hosting bits and celebrity sightings galore!

The bear from ‘The Revenant’ made an appearance, and looked rather happy, perhaps because he has already died a gruesome death and fears nothing.

Our Vice President showed up to condemn sexual assault but not the bloodshed that occurs after The Oscars.

One might think the crew of The Revenant is not clapping because they are sour to lose to Mad Max: Fury Road for superior sound mixing. And they are. But they also know that as the red carpet rolls up they are sure to face an imminent death. Uh, so yeah, I’d be pretty ticked, too.
The Best Picture of The Year of the night went to Spotlight.

Hmm, feels like this exact quote could be applied to the journalistic article I’m writing right now.

And, of course, a huge congrats to Best Actor winner, Leonardo DiCaprio. We have no idea how you’ve escaped death for so many years. You’re a real class act!

“I … I get to … live.”

All in all it was a successful big night for the stars. I just ask that perhaps next year we think twice about the underbelly of Hollywood’s most prestigious event. At what cost do we celebrate these people? Is any of it worth it? Any of it at all?