Here are some of the lamest characters I’ve ever created! No I wasn’t on drugs when I came up with them!

Hands on His Head was from the “Little Trolls” stories. He was a second banana to my favorite Little Troll, Bull Horns. Hands on His Head was a monster that had two lags, and his hands were on his head. He was a member of the Summon Team 2.0 in “The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson”. But he has not been in the spotlight recently, but he may come back some day.

Nickbike is a talking bike sidekick to High Tech Nick. He has been in thespotlight recently, but I think he is lame, because, how can you relate to abike.

Otto the Ostrich is another character I feel sorry for. Lenny the Leopard who had co-starred in the same book as Otto the Ostrich, has been in more books than Otto. Otto the Ostrich was only in one book, while Lenny got stardom andbecame a legendary member of the Silly Squad. Otto the Ostrich came to an early retirement, but he may come back. But, I have no ideas for this character, so he’s long gone. Otto the Ostrich you had a good career…NOT!

Mr. Pencil is the mascot of “Doodles Magazine” (even though he first appeared in “Doodles Magazine #2). Mr. Pencil then had his own comic strip. Mr.Pencil was even a main character in “The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson”. Mr.Pencil is even a Funtime hall of famer. But, he will always be a lame character!

Mr. Bunny was the co-mascot of “Silly Comics” magazine. He is one of my first characters who is a homosexual. Mr. Bunny has not been in the spotlight for years, but he is now a lame character.

Apple and Lettuce are Mr. Raccoon’s sidekicks. Apple and Lettuce only appeared in one of the Mr. Raccoon’s stories. But they soon came back in “The Lost Worldsof Buckstevenson” as main characters. But why are they lame, there food dam it!

Popper Popcorn was basically the mascot of “Funtime Movie Theater”. He had friends which would die out later, but not old Popper Popcorn, he has managed to be in other books. He was a member of the Summon Team in “The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson”. Popper Popcorn maybe in other stories someday, or he could be a snack. Who likes Popcorn!

Fartio is basically a nastier version of Nintendo’s Mario. He firstappeared as a video game in “Bear and Snake” comic strip. But what makes him nasty is that he throws poo, swims in toilets, and never takes a shower. He then soon became the mascot of “VG Magazine” threw its entire existents. Fartio then even got his own world in “The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson”. Fartio is avery funny character, if you stop and think.

Waddles the Penguin is a character I feel sorry for. He first appeared in “DooleBook #2” (Which is Spotty’s first appearance). Spotty got stardom and Waddleswas just left in the cold. Waddles the Penguin would be out of the spotlight for many years. But he came back with his own world in “The Lost Worlds ofBuckstevenson”. Waddles never got stardom, but what can I say, a dog is better than a penguin.

XZ is an alien who has been in more stories then other characters.His first appearance was in “Alien Hunter Squad” a book that was about a group of alien hunters, but that series died out. But not XZ, XZ would soon be in other stories like Max Storm, Robot Blue, Super Dudes, and Cool Fox. And XZ isa Funtime hall of famer.

Mr. Face is truly the lamest character I ever made. He only was in one comic strip, and then he was gone for a little bit. Mr. Face is a smiley face that has hands and wears a baseball cap, and floats. He would later appear in “The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson” as a member of the summon team. Mr. Face has not been in very many stories. Welcome to retirement Mr. Face.

Fred was in a Comic Book Land comic strip called “Night in Prison”.“Night in Prison” only had one comic strip in the series. Fred would then was gone for a little bit, then he came back in “The Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson”and Fred is one of my many rare African American characters. Fred maybe in more stories someday.

Deerman is a man who found a magic ruby that can turn him into a deer,a deer-human hybrid, and back to human. He is Spy Lion’s sidekick and a founding member of the Spy Lion Squad. Deerman’s only dream was to be a superhero and it came true.

Spider Hand is X-Eye’s brother and the true creator of the fusing machine that created Spy Lion. He studied DNA for his entire life and he gave himself as hot of spider DNA (with a little radioactivity) and now he has spider powers.He calls himself Spider Hand, because the experiment gave him a spider leg for an arm. Then he turned into a giant spider and Spy Lion killed him. Spider Hand is Spy Lion’s #2 foe.

Peter P. Pixie is from a dimension home to magical creatures. Is a dragon poopcleaner at his village zoo, and now he wants to rule a world of his own. The only way to stop Pixie is to say “Og kcab emoh” which is go back home backwards, and soon a portal will open up and stuck him in. Peter P. Pixie is always seeking revenge on The Gifted and his magic is far greater then BlackMagic’s magical powers.

Badger Man is a criminal with the powers of a badger and has many pet badgers. He also has the power of super strength. Badger Man is a pretty powerful digger too and has dug under many banks. Badger Man has been known to get angry easily and known to be hungry all the time.

Blue Jay is a crime lord and he has the powers of a blue jay. Blue Jayhas worked with other super villains and he also has many pet birds. Blue Jayis also a corporate businessman and has even worked for Henry Q. Corp. Blue Jayis also afraid of cats. Blue Jay currently runs a Chinese restaurant and sushibar called “The Bird’s Nest” and he occasionally robs a bank here and there.

The Fartinator is probably the weirdest super hero around. His powers are that he makes farts that are as strong as a nuclear bomb. The Fartinator is very good friends with the Super Dudes and is usually a back-up team member. The Fartinator will always be the one who cuts the cheese in battle!

Dr. Duck is a mutant duck with a huge brain and a criminal mastermind.He has powers of telekinesis, the ability to read other people’s minds, and tocontrol other people’s minds. Dr. Duck only wants knowledge and to rule theworld. Not bad for being a duck!

The Fairy Queen is a fairy superhero who came from an enchanted meadow and leftit to become a superhero. The Fairy Queen has blue skin, deer-like horns,wings, and she can grow to any size she wants. The Fairy Queen is one of the few female superheroes that works alongside the “That Spells Action Heroes!”and one of the few magical “That Spells Action Heroes!” The Fairy Queen is also the queen of the fairies and she has a pet white dragon named Snowie. The Fairy Queen wants nothing more than world peace and to make the children of the world happy.

The Wife Beater is a crazy redneck super villain and just loves to fight. The Wife Beater has no super powers but is just a crazy redneck who thinks he’s powerful enough to rule the world. The Wife Beater hates the “That SpellsAction Heroes!” very much and wants nothing more but to kick their asses.The Wife Beater is pretty much a loser in the super villain world but yet he just loves to leave his trailer park and fight the “That Spells ActionHeroes!”

Darrell The Useless Superhero is a fat 30-something African-American man who is basically aloser who wants to be a superhero. Darrell has no powers and he’s basically retarded. Darrell only became a superhero as a form of amusement and he somehow becomes an ally to the other “That Spells Action Heroes!” But Darrell isn’t all that useless, somehow when he hears the sound of bell he basically becomes a superhero savant. But only ten minutes after Darrell hears the sound of bell he reverts back to his old lazy self. Mostly Darrell shows up when he pleases so he isn’t around fighting crime a lot. He is quite a surpriseto the other much more qualified “That Spells Action Heroes!” but oddly enough Darrell is pretty much a great guy and a loyal friend to boot.

Carp Man is a new member of the Super Dudes and a superhero with all the powers of a carp. Carp Man is pretty much the lamest superhero thus far andhe’s pretty useless unless crimes happen in water. Carp Man is also pretty lazy and loves to eat Chinese food. Carp Man also has a pet carp named CK and he also has a fishing pole that he uses to fight crime with. Carp Man’s whereabouts are currently unknown but he shows up when the Super Dudes fight in or around water.

Smart Raptor is a Velociraptor who took a pill that increased his intelligence and was part of a mad scientist’s experiment to make dinosaurs smarter. Smart Raptor is one of the many dinosaurs who was the mad scientist’s test subjects. Smart Raptor actually was born 65 million years ago but througha time machine arrived in the present. After Smart Raptor and the otherintelligent dinosaurs escaped the mad scientist’s lair they soon found themselves in an entirely new world. Smart Raptor and the other intelligent dinosaurs went on adventures with a kind hearted female professor and her son who they would befriend later on. Smart Raptor and the other intelligent dinosaurs basically became superheroes and they fought giant monsters, aliens,giant robots and super villains. Smart Raptor currently works as a school counselor at Binky Bear’s high school. Smart Raptor is also a member of theSilly Squad and a back-up member of The Summon Team.

Mr. Ninja is the mascot of the Action Toon TV Channel and he would tell viewers what is coming up next on the Action Toon TV Channel. Mr. Ninja is the nephew of Uncle “Anime” Akira. Mr. Ninja is an occasional member of the Silly Squad and a back-up member of The Summon Team. Mr. Ninja likes to dance and sing karaoke. Mr. Ninja is also a skilled assassin and a gourmet chef. Mr.Ninja’s current whereabouts are unknown but he’s known to appear out of nowhere whenever he pleases.

Atsushi Ryota and Kazuhiro Ryota are brothers and the henchmen of Mason “The Rebel” Nelson. They are Japanese ninja wizards and they are also Mason’s best friends. Atsushi Ryota looks like a bodybuilder while his older brother Kazuhiro Ryota is short and fat. Atsushi Ryota and Kazuhiro Ryota also don’t get along very well with each other and but deep down they have a great brotherly bond. Atsushi Ryota is also a bit of a ladies man and his brother Kazuhiro Ryota is a bit of a loner.Atsushi Ryota and Kazuhiro Ryota currently are soldiers in the Magical Councilarmy and they are also an occasional musical duo with Atsushi Ryota singing and Kazuhiro Ryota playing violin.

The Grumpers are a race of giant big-eyed long-jawed furry creatures that live in the magical universe. The Grumpers are an endangered species because hunters like to use their skin as an ingredient in magical potions. But The Grumpers are considered to be very stupid and useless creatures by most magical folk when in reality they are a very powerful race of wizard-like creatures.The Grumpers also have the power of super speed and they are really hard to catch. The Grumpers may look frightening but in all reality they are actually quite kind and peaceful.

Brabe the Dog is the best friend and the only friend of The Scared Leopard.Brabe the Dog is very brave and he’s also a con artist. Brabe is a mutt and loves to hump The Scared Leopard’s leg. Brabe is also a backup member of the Summon Team and is somewhat lazy in battle.

Deadler is the former bodyguard of Ku-Ba Jr. and he calls himself “The Master of Death”. Deadler loves to kill and hurt. Deadler is also a drug addict and Deadler is very insane. Deadler was killed with many other coruptorens.

Hoca the Serpent is the huge pet snake of Frankie Cuffan in an alternate future.Hoca is very loyal and will do anything his master tells him. Sadly Hoca was killed by Geroge and Frankie Cuffan was not very sad about his death.

Uncle “Anime” Akira is the founder of the Japanese animation film studio “Uncle Akira Productions”. Uncle “Anime” Akira founded his animation studio back 1947 when he was just seventeen years old and it soon grew into the number two anime studio in Japan. In early 2009, Uncle Akira’s studio was not doing so well due to changing times. Uncle Akira almost filed for bankruptcy but soon Flea-Boy the Clown bought his Japanese animation studio and soon “Uncle Akira Productions” became a subsidiary of Silly Squad INC. Uncle “Anime” Akira soon became a member of the Silly Squad and he has appeared on many of the Silly Squad’s TV shows. Uncle “Anime” Akira currently is the chief writer for the Silly Squad. Also Uncle “Anime” Akira looks like a Manga (Japanese comic book) character and he also carries a samurai sword with him everywhere. Uncle Akira is also a pedophile and a little bit of a pervert.

Rocky Hyrax is a nerdy yet wealthy cartoony hyrax from Cartoon Town. Rocky met George and Molly when he was kidnapped and held hostage by Killshot. Rocky came from a wealthy family and he’s the heir to the family fortune. Rocky soon became friends with George and Molly and now he works with them. Rocky is alsothe friend/enemy of Lenny Lynx and they have a long history together. Rocky is currently running for mayor of Cartoon Town and hopes he can help end thefuture wars once and for all.

Steve the Lion Tamer & Bob theLion were employees at the circus Flea-Boy the Clown worked at before he had gotten fired. Bob torn off Steve’s head, but surprisingly Steve is still alive but only headless. Steve the Lion Tamer & Bob the Lionsoon became members of the Silly Squad and Bob even was a writer for the Silly Squad’s TV shows.

Happy Jim is a wrestler who’s always happy. Happy Jim is also very annoying and he loves to drink energy drinks. Happy Jim has ADD and OCD. Happy Jim always runs down to the ring. Happy Jim wrestles in his underwear and healso wears a newspaper hat. Happy Jim currently wrestles for Fighting 4 Life Wrestling and Deathlock Promotions.

3-K is a wrestling robot created by Dr. Wrestling. He knows every wrestling move and has the brain of a computer. He is the only robot in the KWE, and maybe the first robot wrestler ever!

Steve the Janitor is a janitor at an elementary school and a good friend of Zach the Frog. Steve the Janitor is also the janitor of the True Heroes headquarters.

The Banana Guy is a wrestler who wears a banana suit and uses bananas as weapons. He is a guy who just loves bananas, and he is very good friends with The Gorilla Gang. He is now retired.

Gold Tooth is monster with a gold tooth and loves to chew things and objects!

U Tucker is a superhero and a male stripper. U Tucker is a very weird superhero. He is a homosexual and he is very good looking. When U Tucker isn’t working at the strip club he secretly goes out and fights crime. U Tucker looks like a bodybuilder and his superhero outfit looks like male stripper clothes. U Tucker has the powers to hypnotize people and the power of superspeed. U Tucker is the son of Hypno and he is the best friend of Young One. U Tucker wants to be a male model someday but for now he’ll just stick to his job as a male stripper.

Taze Tarsier is a new member of the Silly Squad and she is also a bit of a feminist.Taze Tarsier is the girlfriend of Barack Blenny and a very bossy one at that. Taze Tarsier is also a former editor of a fashion magazine. Taze Tarsier alsoused to have a crush on Flea-Boy the Clown but now she wants to marry Barack Blenny but Barack is afraid of commitment. Taze Tarsier is also a producer of many Silly Squad movies and TV shows.

Ant & Dog are a gay couple and friends of Yo the Rooster. Ant and Dogcame out and soon they began dating. Ant works as a hairstylist at a beauty salon while Dog works as a reporter for the local paper. Ant and Dog are currently protesting to allow gay marriage in their state but they both one day wish to start a family of their own.

The Plant Guy (The Boy That TurnedGreen) is a kid who turned green and became a freak show attraction. He was just an average school kid until one day he started turning into a plant. Everyone treated him like a freak and his story was told by Mr.Raccoon, who was the only person who did not see him as a freak. But don’t worry,The Boy That Turned Green wasn’t a plant for long, shortly after he turned back into his old self and he was soon reunited with his family. The Plant Guy currently attends the same high school as Binky Bear.

Timmy Tanuki is a trickster and a con man that goes back and forth from good guy to bad guy. Timmy Tanuki was last seen in the Magical Council headquarters delivering some news to Snow White about him becoming a father. Timmy Tanuki is friends with Senp, Jimmy, and Patrick Pangolin.

Kip the Pirate was a pirate that Bucky fought when he was a merman. Kip was turned into a merman and he then went mad. Kip tried to take over Atlantis with the help of a powerful magical wand but he was defeated by Bucky and Holly.Also Kip was soon turned back into a human again. Kip was also a member of Peg Leg Lenny’s pirate crew and he later went on to become captain of theSkull Lords navy. Kip’s whereabouts are currently unknown.

Reaper’s Clone is a clone of Reaper and nobody knows where he came from. He has the same supernatural powers as Reaper and looks just like him. He and Reaper had a feud and then Reaper lost to his clone. He now makes occasionalappearances on the “KWE Ring Tales” TV show.

Little Red is Mr. Safari’s pet Red Panda. Mr. Safari found him in the Himalayas. He moved to the BWC with his master and he is always humping someone’s leg.

Rat the Rattlesnake is Mr. Safari’s pet snake. He first joined the wrestling business in “Mr. Safari’s Jungle Show”. He also moved to the BWC with his master Mr. Safari.

Nazi Nick is a wrestler who is a Nazi. He has a picture of Adolf Hitler in his locker and hates Jewish people. He is very good friends with Kin Tim. He is a 2-time BWC Champion.

Mr. Otter is one of Catfish Jack’s best friends and is a super genius. Mr. Otter is kind of a coward but has been known to save Catfish Jack whenever he’s in danger. Mr. Otter is currently running for mayor in the lake that Catfish Jack lives in.

Sparky the dragon is the pet dragon of Princess Jessica. Princess Jessica met Sparky when she was cursed again and Jessica discovered that she had the power to talk to dragons. Sparky now lives in the castle with Jessica and her family and has basically become a member of the Kinling family.

Tiger and Vulture are a duo that works well together. Tiger is a cat person and Vulture is Tiger’s pert vulture. Tiger is able to fly because Vulture carries him every where. Tiger and Vulture are best friends and Tiger is a prince. Tiger and Vulture currently live in the Jaguar Jungle and Tiger is the general of the cat people kingdom army.

Lewis the farter is Gus Peterson’s second-in-command and Gus’s best friend. Lewis is known for his horrible farts and that’s how he got his name. Lewis currently serves for the Magical Council navy and still eats plenty of baked beans.

Wise Old Squirrel is the leader of the Mr. Squirrels and an enemy of Holly Dog. He’s a bitter old squirrel and he’s basically a dirty old man. Wise Old Squirrel’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but some say he’s still in Holly Land.

General Toast was the co-leader of the Phoenix Monks. General Toast currently works for the Skull Lords after the Phoenix Monks disbanded. General Toast is also the only friend of Burn and they have been friends since childhood.

General Butt Face is a kid who has a butt-like face. General Butt Face was the chairman of Bros. Ink and was also the co-founder of Bros. Ink as well. General Butt Face is dressed like a drill sergeant and he always yells when he speaks.You don’t want to get General Butt Face angry or you’ll regret it. General Butt Face currently works for the Silly Squad since Bros. Ink was bought by them.General Butt Face is also the nephew of Mr. Big and he annoys Mr. Big all thetime.

Gopt was an 89-foot green-skinned giant with two ten-foot horns and a loyal henchman of Kraeoo. Gopt soon died when the nuclear bomb blew up the Island of Giants.

Lopt was a seventy-foot giant with red skin and floppy ears and he was a loyal henchman of Kraeoo. Lopt was homosexual and he had a crush on his buddy Gopt. Lopr soon died when the nuclear bomb blew up the Island of Giants.

Where’s Bug is a bug who loves to play hide and seek. Where’s Bug hides in a picture and you have to find him. Where’s Bug was only in a couple books but he was just a small dot on a huge picture.

Chief Dumb-dumb is a retarded Native American who lives in an upside-down tepee and he only says one word “Woo”. Chief Dumb-dumb is the best and only friend of What Does This Do Cowboy. Chief Dumb-dumb make occasional appearances on the Silly Squad’s many TV shows.

Bomshi is a small dinosaur with a bomb for a head and he’s Fartio’s pet and transportation. Bomshi is called Bomshi because since his head is a bomb it can blow up and then grow back. Bomshi is basically a living stink bomb.

The Knight is a knight who captured The Dragon & the Giant and forced them to fight for the village people’s amusement. The Knight was rumored to have slain both the Dragon and the Giant even though they never had hurt anyone.

CJ Horn was a former classmate of mine. In the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson he was one of the real world people who entered the Lost Worlds of Buckstevenson. CJ Horn was a soldier and a fellow fighting in the True Heroes army. CJ Horn used to ride on my bus.

Mr. Mango Head is an ally of The Hero and he lives in the magical toy store. Mr. Mango Head is a former manager of The Hero back when The Hero was wrestling. The Hero and Mr. Mango Head have been friends ever since.

Bargain Priced Benny Bear is a teddy bear who once lived inside a bargain bin until The Hero saved him. Now Bargain Priced Benny Bear has become an ally to The Hero and Bargain Priced Benny Bear became the comic relief for The Hero and his men.

Wise Old Chess Piece is the oldest toy still at the magical toy store and the mentor of The Hero. Wise Old Chess Piece is pretty powerful considering his age in all. And yes he is a living chess piece…I don’t know what kind of chess piece he is but that’s for you to decide.

The Evil Puppet was a living marionette puppet that once ruled one side of the magical toy store. The Evil Puppet hated The Hero for all of his life. The Evil Puppet lost ownership of The Hero’s kingdom because The Hero’s ancestors rebelled against The Evil Puppet’s empire and won. Soon The Hero would defeat The Evil Puppet. Now The Hero is the most powerful toy in the store. Also The Evil Puppet may actually be older then the Wise Old Chess Piece, just to see how long that he has been in power for.

Kenni-Munk is the former bodyguard of Ku-Ba Jr. and a very skilled fighter. Kenni-Munk is very cocky and cruel. Kenni-Munk is also a very stylish coruptoren and loves to dress cool. Kenni-Munk was killed by the Magical Council.

Steve “The Roadie” McOtto is the son of Kevin McOtto and he is the sidekick of Jeff “RockLord” Rival. Steve “The Roadie” McOtto is basically the roadie for Jeff “RockLord” Rival and he also acts as his bodyguard as well. Steve “The Roadie”McOtto likes to ride his motorcycle and sometimes he rides it down to the ring. Steve “The Roadie” McOtto is also plays the guitar and the drums. Steve “TheRoadie” McOtto is also a former KWE/BWC tag team Champion and a former McOtto BeltChampion.

The Boys on the Edge are a stable of wrestlers who act like a boy band. The members are Jeff, Chris, Ken, and Larry. They always sing and dance backstage, and they use guitars as weapons. They are former 7-time BWC 6-man tag team champions.