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June 11, 2010


What can you say about L. Ron Hubbard without fear of being sued by Scientology? According to Time Magazine Online, you can call his invention, the E-Meter, one of 30 dumb inventions. You can't say it was one of the dumbest or how it ranked with others, but you can throw it into that large pool and hopefully no one from Scientology will notice. 

I used to think Steve Jobs was a Scientologist because of his litigious nature, but I've come to understand he is just an asshole.

Mr. Hubbard is shown in this picture cruelly applying voltage to an Iraqi tomato while trying not to smirk. He postulated that if you slice a tomato, it will scream.

Keep an eye out for the new John Travolta movie based on his research. It's called Battlefield Earth 2, Saw 6.