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January 27, 2016

Ken Kratz loves his diary.

Dear Diary,

I write Ken Kratz Diary Entry number 803 as I sit in the courthouse, right outside the very court where I am becoming a legend. Has there ever been such a great man capable of bringing down an innocent 16-year-old boy with a 73 IQ before me, Ken Oliver Kratz?

I re-watched the conference where I talk about Brendon’s confession. I could have re-watched it all night last night, but Carol asked me to turn it down so she could sleep. She gets really cranky at around midnight,which was when I was watching it for the 12th time. I just muted it.Carol wears a sleep mask, so she was fine with this. I like how my mouth looks like when I say “deproable.” Deplorable. Deplorable. De.plor.able.

I got distracted, diary, because Lenk is walking up the hall. I love cops. Diary. I wish I could have been a cop, diary, but I didn’t pass the physical. Lenk said I’m basically a cop now. He texted me that. I printed it out and my wife framed it. It’s in our guest bathroom.

Anyway, diary, court is about to be called back into session. I look forward to writing in your pages tomorrow night at 7:00 pm when I will enter Ken Kratz Diary Entry number 804.


Ken Oliver Kratz