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November 12, 2008


I laughed out loud today... and it freaked everyone at panda express out.   I was in line waiting to order my orange chicken , which doesn't really taste like oranges..., and  got a really funny text from my friend and i busted up laughing.  When I get caught in a unexpected laugh I sound like a 13 year old girl, very high pitched,very giggley.  This panda express was crowded,  full of people who appear to be on lunch break from their soul crushing office jobs, and none of them are laughing out loud or talking for that matter.  After my  initial laugh outburst I realized i was standing in a room full of robots. I had  to assume these people are robots at this point because  they hate laughter. I decide that i should try to talk to the lady behind the counter,  "How's your day going" i say proud to find another human being to share communication.
  I am immediatly deflected to a robotic  "rice or chow mein"  Fuck another bot,   If she was human she would have known that  you gotta go half and half on that shit.   I move forward to my orange chicken dispensing robot and then the cashier bot took my ATM card and used her forced smle programming to say have  a nice day.    I ate my meal with chopsticks,  figured that would really screw with the robots because everyone knows robots are incapable of using chopsticks.  I watched one lady try to use them, turned into big mess on her blouse.  Thank god she didnt short circuit!   Anyways I ate my meal and left.  Robots weird me out.