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September 14, 2017

The week where Ted Cruz surpassed the president as most embarrassing member of government.

Hey gang, the President figured out how to use iMovie on his phone, check it out:

1) One of those sentences will def contain the word ‘Trump’

2) I thought they were a myth, like Santa Claus

3) Gonna need to see your passport, Harvey

4) He asked to not be invited

5) The one thing we know: he loves himself

6) Hurricane force winds blend drinks well

7) So then let’s talk about the #REAL NEWS

8) Never forget…that I’m an asshole

9) The sequel to ‘Twister’ we didn’t know we needed

10) Paging Betsy DeVos

11) I alone can change the rules!

12) You could put it on a red hat

13) New EP “HurriCocaine” dropping next week on Soundcloud

14) Melania The Vampire Slayer closing those Hellmouths

15) Go back to where you came from, eh?