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Published November 03, 2011
Berlioz, Symphonie Fanta’s dique, King RearMahler, Symphony No. 2 “Resur-erection”Respighi, Roman Trilogy: Fondling of Rome; Penis of Rome; Roman F*** FestivalsBach, Air in G-StringGrieg, In the Hall of Mounting KingStravinsky, Firing Bird, Pet Rushka, The Ride of Spring, The Soldier’s TailWagner, Riding of the Valkyries, Bangs of Nibelungen, Tristan und Tristan, Isolde und Isolde, The MeisterbaterRavel, Daphne and ChloeBrahms, Tri-dick OvertureMozart, Dong GiovanniBarber, School for SkanksBeethoven, Coriol’s Anus, Symphony No. 3 “Erotica”Britten, Young Person’s (18+) Guide to the OrchestraTchaikovsky, The Nut-Grabber, Swank Lake, Sleeping with Beauty, Symphony 2+3 “Little Russian and Polish Sausage”Debussy, Prelude to the Afternoon with FaunGershwin, An American with Paris Hilton, I’ve Got RhythmMendelssohn, A Midsummer Night’s Wet DreamMussorgsky, Night in Bald Mound, Pussies at an ExhibitionPiston, The Incredible Skin FlutistRimsky-Korsakov, The Golden Cocks, Russian Eater Overture, She has a rodR. Strauss, Thus Spank Zarathustra, Dong Juan and Bang Quixote, SwalomePurcell, Dildo and AnusAdams, Nixon in VaginaBartok, Groinbeards Castle