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July 12, 2016

We can have sex with all sorts of people if we don't shoot them!

It’s hard being an American these days. Every morning it seems we wake up to the news of another tragic death due to gun violence. In the wake of these events, we are being misguided into choosing sides over who we think the “good guy” really is. But I just want to say that we can defend both groups of people. Everyone is equal. I have had sex fantasies about black men AND cops!

It’s not about picking one over the other. This is our country, we should be taking steps to protect everyone! Black men, cop men, Asian men, hot men, tall men, women. What can I say? I have a diverse portfolio in my spank bank. That’s my American right.

I’m glad people are shouting #BlackLivesMatter from the rooftops as I yell it from my bed. A a law professor recently explained this so well I nearly came just from reading. She made it clear that #BlackLivesMatter is not a message of exclusion, but one of focus. And I, for one, would like to be able to focus when I’m watching my porns instead of being distracted by thoughts of this guy’s unsafe position in the American system.

And when innocent cops are being gunned down, we should also take measures to protect them in any way we can. I, for one, don’t want to start crying every time I see a pair of handcuffs, unless I’m crying pussy tears of ecstasy.

I’m into handcuffs.

I think this message is so important because I like thinking about banging all types of people and I don’t want to have to not.

You can even fantasize about both at the same time! The thing that really gets my rocks off is fantasizing about a lone black man driving down the street with a broken tail light. The cop pulls him over. The man explains he is legally armed. The officer does not shoot him. The officer gives him a ticket. No one snipes the officer. I cum.

Remember: the only way to get this fantasy-sex is to keep everyone alive to have it. If we keep killing Americans, who are we going to have sex with? Europeans? Not in THESE United States. Thinking about not being able to have sex with people because they’re all shot makes me pretty sad. Is that the America you want to live in?