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October 03, 2008


I have landed a nice role in a short film filming in Jacksonville later this month! It's being shot by the local chapter of FMPTA and it's called "the Cult".  COOL! It's a bit of a take off on the old Twilight Zone series in that there is a narrator similar to Rod Serling.  That's not the part I got.  It's a comedy, though.  I'm STOKED!! On the flipside...Let me just say the YIN-YANG of existance has also come calling.  I'm going CRAZY NUTSO trying to get 2 F#CKIN' tires for my truck!  It's reducing me to the true Paleolithic state of the Male animal.  I want be now Kronk the club swinger!  KRONK WANT SMASH ALL STUPID TIRE THINGS!!!! WHEEL IS STUPID!! SMASH ALL WHEEL THINGS!!!! You'll pardon me whilst I go murdercidal upon every tire I see.