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February 07, 2010


Today I received and accepted an invitation to a Superbowl party.  I have never been to one, or any party for that matter.  I prefer to stay away from large social gatherings of Carbon- sorry, "Human Beings." ;) Subjecting myself to high levels of "people chatter," given that I can hear both the external and internal nonsense that you generate, is not what I consider a good time. "What do I consider a good time," you ask?  To the three of you who weren't being sarcastic, "thank you for your interest." Consider however, that your brains in their current configuration are incapable of processing my answer, and an attempt on either of our parts to bridge this chasm in understanding would bear grave results.  We would also never arrive at the purpose of this communication:

I need your help

Taking into account what you are able to comprehend about me: from Mars, blue, vaporized the annoying “drbrud,” etc., what information would you be willing to share regarding my attendance to this event.  What I can tell you is this -

1. I am going with a female. "a date" with a mutual intent to fornicate.
2. The Supperbowl party is being hosted at my date's best friend's father's house in Beverly Hills, California.
3. I do understand the rules and objectives of the game, "Football."  I do not get why it is so popular.
4. Ingesting alcohol makes me extremely aggressive.
5. As directed by my superiors, I must have my probe device accessible to me at all times.

*Unfortunately I can not promise that I will be able to spare you  come time of the Invasion, but I will do my best as always. Please just get me through Superbowel Sunday without incident.