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September 28, 2011

We gathered some very funny company letters sent to us by The Jelly Belly Company, along with our actual responses. So funny!!

Welcome to the Funniest Jelly Belly, Jelly Bean Letters Blog!

Welcome to the Jelly Belly Letters Blog!

You are in for a treat as we decided to publish the great letters we get from The Jelly Belly Candy Company, along with our responses.  But first, a little background:

David Klein invented the Jelly Belly, Jelly Bean back in 1976.  He asked one of his manufacturers to make the beans to his specs and starting a whole new revolution in the candy industry with the first gourmet jelly bean. A few years later, David was told to meet the manufacturer in LA , because they wanted to buy the rights to the company and wouldn’t leave until they did.  He met them and said he has no intention of selling the company or the rights. His manufacturer then strong-armed him by saying if he didn’t sell the rights to them, they would stop making his product, take his formulas and make their own brand of jelly bean.  They also said all the employees would lose their jobs. David met them without an attorney present and signed one of the worst contract every written.  To this day, they have written him off as he inventor of The Jelly Belly, Jelly Bean and over the years created their own history saying,

“Back in 1976, a Los Angeles candy distributor had an idea for a jelly bean made with natural flavorings. So he called up Herm at Jelly Belly (formerly known as Herman Goelitz Candy Co.) and an historic collaboration began between candy maker and marketing guru.”

Since the deal was completed when David turned over the rights to The Herman Goelitz candy company (now The Jelly Belly Candy Company), they have done everything they can to wipe David’s name off the Jelly Belly history, which includes, not even mentioning him in ‘The History of the Jelly Belly’ book they published a few years ago. The owner’s daughter could even be seen on TV saying her father invented the Jelly Belly! After watching David’s documentary called, “Candyman, the David Klein Story’, we were so moved by the story, we had to work with David to get him back into the jelly bean business.

This first letter from The Jelly Belly Company is asking David Klein to stop saying he is the inventor of the product and to stop using the term on his new jelly bean packaging saying,”From the Inventor of The Jelly Belly.”  The first thing we found funny was the first sentence that says, “We hope this letter finds you well.” It’s interesting they actually hope to find him well when they have been trying to cover-up the fact that he was the inventor of the Jelly Belly and owned the company for three years before they ‘strong-armed’ him into selling the company.  The next part of the letter goes on to tell him exactly how to properly use the term, ‘Jelly Belly’ which really has us rolling on the floor laughing since David was the one that created the name!  Hope you enjoy the letter and our responses.  It makes an entertaining day..

Here is our blog site with the full interactions between The Jelly Belly Company and David Klein/Leaf Brands.

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