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September 22, 2008


Kia ora, y'all (that's native New Zealand for greetings, or something)

Where the heck is New Zealand? Go to Australia and turn right. New Zealand is the two islands that look like one big national park with lots, lots, lots of sheep and green yards.

After staying in a batch (little house) at a beach on the Kapiti Coast we drove up to a place that looks like it is out of prehistoric times. They say it like RotoRooter...but it's spelled Rototua, I think. We're off to see the thermals today. Thermals like hot mud pools (oh, boy) and mineral lakes...not thermals like underwear, although I wearing some now.

Still no hobbits, but this place is definitely Middle Earth x1000. I'll put pics on Flickr when I return. Y'all hold down the fort and I'll keep looking for internets to say hey.