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April 30, 2011

This is part three of Lent Quest: my quest to masturbate everyday for lent. Injuries have occurred!

Things I need to succeed in my quest to masturbate everyday this year for lent: Commitment, drive, support, towels, passion, creativity, forearm strength. Wait... forearm strength, Dylan? That's right, injuries have occurred. I did not plan on this quest to be so physically demanding on my body, so I did not properly train my body in the months leading up to it (looking back, I would have liked to have trained six months in advance, but I'd recommend a year for a beginner).

My injuries are minor, but annoying. I have developed calluses all over my hands, even with the help of lotion and man made lotion (spit). But the real problems lie in the arm. A sore wrist from the constant slight bend my right wrist has during the act. A tender right forearm due to the constant grip pressure it must apply. And lastly, a worn down elbow joint from the constant pounding its taking, and giving.

What do people do when they are injured? They rehabilitate, and that's exactly what I did. I have developed  a workout plan with a intense trainer that I believe will supplement my quest quite well. The trainer had huge forearms, a sure sign that he was a fellow masturbater, and that he would have the power to get me back on track. My workout plan  focuses on joint health and grip strength. Adding this new workout plan too my commitment, drive, support, towels,  and creativity will be a valuable asset in LQ2011.