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April 13, 2009


In the early stages of vitiligo effected patients, it is more advisable to consult with the Dermatologist immediately before spreading out of control instead of applying cosmetics for their cover ups to camouflage the area could bring more complications. Topical steroid cream applications could also be benefited to the early symptoms. Protopic and Elidel are also effective on re-pigmentation process when used in combination with UVB Narrowband treatments. To avoid such embarrassing, frustrated and psychological imbalance one need to start their treatment effectively.

In some cases, there is skin abnormalities causing the skin color defected to lighter or darker shades and they are importantly similar symptoms which require immediate attention and consultation with the concern Dermatologist before using any kind of treatment. Widespread Vitiligo is also advisable to diagnose with PUVA treatment.

Dermatologist may prescribe topical vitiligo treatments, acne and eczemas as well as oral applications (pills or tablets) if so require incase of severe or chronic condition.

To diagnose Vitiligo is a long term treatment and it may take between 3 and 4 months. However, the duration of vitiligo treatment can not be counted against the size of effected areas on the skin. Some widespread Vitiligo may respond very fast or a few white patches may prolong to quite some longer period in their healing process. Therefore, the results of treatment are largely dependent on how severe the case is. It is also important to distinguish between the Vitiligo and skin burns before the diagnose as well as to get the laboratory test to confirm the exact cause.

Vitiligo cure with AntivitiligoOil is a certain Vitiligo Treatment action. Many patients who are suffering from vitiligo skin disorder can use this risk free formula which has no side effects. Many vitiligo patients all over the world have been treated with this AntiVitiligoOil and are happy with its successful treatment.

Symptoms of Vitiligo Decease
White spots or irregular patches on the skin or any part of the body
Turning color of hair into grey,
Turning color of eyelashes and eyebrows into grey
Loss of retina color (inner layer of eyes)
Appearance of color changes inside mouth, nose, genital and rectal areas
Mainly, there are also segmentation in 3 patterns :
Segmental Vitiligo pattern can only be seen on the one side of the body
Focal Vitiligo pattern can only be seen as restricted appearance to one or couple of areas
Generalized Vitiligo pattern can only be seen on various parts of the body

Some of the causes that lead toward developing white spots on the skin are found due to the following reasons:
Chronic Amoebic Dysentery
Auto Immunity such as Addison’s disease, pernicious anemia and
Polluted Drinking water
Typhoid fever (side effects by the antibiotics)
Jaundice which causes malfunctioning of Liver
External applications of modern drugs (exorbitantly) either for cosmetics purpose or any
Repeated Vaccinations (mostly to the Army/Military personnel)
Tubercular infections
Diabetes patient
Dietery Deficiency
Shocks, Anxiety, Depressions, Tensions and Psychological disorders
Grievances, Sadness and over stressed on financial constraints
Excessive mental stress and worries
Pregnant women
Removal of warts (small nodules usually on the hand or fingers) or moles

More over the causes to this known disease or to avoid any effected personnel so as to control their “Diets”, some of the salient features to avoid such food intakes are:
Fancy junk foods
Flesh of un-healthy animals
The flesh of pigs such as ham, bacon or pork
Milk with oily food
Curds with sour dishes
White bread
Milk and curds with flesh or fish
Fruits, milk and meat together
Pan and tobacco
Salt free diet
To be more aware with vitiligo skin disorder conditions vitiligo patienta should view vitiligo pictures of vitiligo patients so patients would get more broad idea about vitiligo skin disorder conditions.

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