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May 10, 2008



Not much to blog about in the world of wrestling or MMA this weekend. We've got some great stuff planned for the podcast tomorrow night so look for that episode on Tuesday. Shout out to DFeit and Big Daddy Cusick from the EmpireHardcore.com Mesage Board for making their voices heard! Of course you can listen to the podcast live on our site, OR go to iTunes, OR go to Podomatic.com. Stream it, RSS it, download it, JUST LISTEN!


The new episode of Pounders is up even though it's not on the main page of our website. That will be fixed shortly. Of course we appreciate any and ALL comments on the episodes at the various video sharing sites we have it up on. If you get a chance, head to YouTube, FunnyorDie, Break, Dailymotion, or Myspace TV and COMMENT or RATE IT. Also, if you're a regular user of Digg.com, DIGG POUNDERS.


Enough plugging.


I just wanted to take the time to kind of explain the concept behind Pounders because I think some people are just bewildered by it. Basically I wanted to do a web show that had elements of Reno 911, Jackass, and The Ultimate Fighter. Sounds fun don't it? After a ton of brainstorming with Danny and Ryan, what you see now is what we came up with. A mixture of Luchador attacks, Danny naked, Ryan howling like a werewolf, and ME getting choked out. We've got 7 brand new episodes still in the can, and two others with the majority of the footage shot. 


I hope people realize the whole show is "tongue in cheek". We know we're not breaking down the barriers of comedy, or writing the next great American love story. We're three guys, with an expensive camera, and a TON of free time. The majority of the show is unscripted, and I must say, Dan and Ryan really carry it from the whole "improv" perspective. I giggle like an asshole most of the time because I just find everything we shoot to be hilarious. That's kind of where the idea for the whole "clip show" came from.


Basically, I took about 7 minutes worth of bloopers, outtakes, deleted scenes, and never-before-seen footage, and divided it up into three clips shows, one dedicated to each character. We're still constantly evolving the characters and the concepts. If you could see the original plans for the show, and then see where we want it to go, well it would all kind of make sense. BUT THE POINT IS...well there is no point. But we're hoping to debut a couple of female characters in the near future because right now the show is a big sausage fest, and most of the time Ryan and I are forced to see Danny's sausage. That's why I bought him wrestling trunks.




So to everyone who's privately emailed and messaged us, and to everyone who's taken the time to watch the show so far, THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I hope Pounders Fight Squad leads to bigger and better things for the three of us, but if it doesn't, at least we had a whole crapload of fun making it. 




Kick. Punch. It's all in the mind.