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April 03, 2010


  Did you ever notice that there is always one person in the crowd that just doesn't belong? It all started out in grade school. There were your different groups of people who were friends. They would all be doing something like playing a game of kickball, or playing hopscotch. Low and behold, while everyone else was playing, there was always that one kid that would be by himself hugging a tree.
You always had your "clicks" in school. The jocks and cheerleaders were always popular, and everyone used to want to be one of that group. You had your smart people, and everyone wasn't intelligent enough, but would like to sit around them in class. (To copy off of them during tests.) Then, we had the partiers. Hanging out with them at school could get you suspended, but after school they had fun. There were more groups too. And I'm sure you always noticed that there was always a few people that didn't fit in any of those groups.
Let's take a guy in my school for an example. (I'm not going to tell you his real name.) Let's just refer to him as Brian. In grade school, Brian was always one of the biggest guys in class. He was both taller, and wider than anyone else. This automatically made him a target. You see, by being as large as he was, the bad asses had to prove how bad they were by challenging the biggest dude. Normally, big dudes are laid back until they get put on the spot, and then they could hurt someone. Brian was different, he was a big pussy! When someone would threaten him, he would piss his pants and run away. That was not a good way to get people to hang out with you. And he actually got worse when we went to high school.
  Then we had another guy, we'll call him George. (Once again, not his real name.) George was a tall, skinny guy with "coke bottle" glasses and a pertruding adam's apple. He was your typical geeky guy. He was book smart, but dumb as a box of rocks. He did get a lot of attention though. I assure you it was not positive. You see, he had a few bad habits. For instance, in science class, everyone would watch him. They were even placing bets! When the teacher would turn to write something on the chalkboard, the betting began. That's when George's finger would ease up into his nose. He would pick until he came up with a winner. As he pulled his finger down, he would glance around the room to see if anyone was watching. ( We all were, but out of the corner of our eyes.) When he thought nobody was watching, he would quickly stick the booger in his mouth! The whole class would erupt! This happened almost everyday for three or four years. And you know that kids will come up with all kinds of "cute" knicknames, and my favorite was "Drillhead".
Every school has a family that gets picked on from day one. Not because they are fat, dumb, or clumsy. This family doesn't seem to have running water. When they walked down the hall at school, people would actually move out of the way. They stunk! They wore dirty clothes, and you could see dirt buildup on thier skin. I really felt sorry for this family. I saw them in the grocery store one time, and thier parents were dirtier than they were. As a parent, how could you do that to your children? Those poor kids got ass whoppings all the way through school just because thier parents didn't give a crap. I saw a few of them after graduation, and they had cleaned thier act up. I actually didn't recognize them. In this case, the parents were a big waste of sperm!
  As I have grown up, I have learned that not all things are the fault of the individual. But, on the other hand, sometimes it is! The place that I work is a very diverse workplace, so I get to meet all kinds of people. Most of them have little things about them that make them different, but they are still accepted amongst peers. But, there are those few dipshits that really do not belong. (Once again, I'll not mention any names.)  Let's call this example Howie. Everyday before the start of the shift, the managers have a meeting to let everyone know what is on the daily agenda. And everyday, Howie has some stupid comment to make. Howie thinks he knows what is going on, and has told me that he is management material. The truth is, Howie doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground! As soon as he starts talking, you can hear mumbles from around the room, "oh, here we go again!" God forbid Howie has an idea! He will press his point until the shift manager tells him to shut up. That's just the begining. He will spend the rest of the day trying to convince people that his idea is a great idea. In all truthfulness, I have never heard a good idea come out of his mouth yet. (That is, unless he was repeating someone elses idea.) I actually told Howie: "I'm glad that I know you because it makes me feel better about who I am", and he didn't understand!  I wish he would just find another job!
I have to wonder what purpose a dumbass has on this earth! Yeah, we have moments that we do dumb things. But, most of us don't make a living out of being an idiot. Is God playing a joke on us, or is he playing a joke on them? What can we do about the dumbasses around us? Well, I guess that I'll just sit back in amazement, and laugh to myself. I can only hope that I'm not the one that is being called a dumbass!