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April 09, 2009


Its been a long week and I just need to get a few things off my chest.

To the man who cut me off today and shot me the most horrific "Go Fuck Your Self , Its All Your Fault" look, while talking on his cell phone. Why did you  have to do that to me, I'm not a bad person and i try to be a friendly driver. I was enjoying my day until your hammer of hatred came upon me.

To the woman who i starred at on my way to the next job, I really thought you were like 22 and really hot. This came crashing down when you turned around to catch me looking and you were  a hidious sixty year old spanish woman. Why do you squeeze your self into your grand daughters cloths, bleach your hair and and look good from behind. I don't want you to get the wrong idea and think you should continue this behavior. I almost vomited after putting your face to the filthy things i had been previously been thinkin. Stop this wanna be whore behavior, I know you might be a whore but dress your whorish age.

To the school bus youths that heckled me earlier this week, i don't know you, leave me alone.

To comcast cable I pay yu extra of my hard earned money for the "sports package" and i don't get "ESPN U" . Did you know i wanted to watch college hockey last week and didn't give it to me out of spite? I was only late once in the last year, i don't get it? Whats the problem?

To the woman i met for a date saturday, why did you have to get so drunk that you spent the first hour of this time "huggin the toilet" It was not attractive. I guess you win in the end cause once we "made it" i was not ever gonna call you again.

AAAHHHHH that makes me feel Much better>