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Published May 19, 2012


Corynne Fish was born in Virginia, where she lived until moving to Grand Haven Michigan to attend high school. She would later move to Chicago to attend the prestigious DePaul University. Corynne will be graduating from DePaul in 2012, completing a degree in international studies with concentrations in Political Economy, Post-Colonialism and Global Cities.


Corynne Fish attended Grand Haven High School in Michigan until graduating with honors in 2008. While in High School, Corynne achieved a number of distinctions and honors. While attending Grand Haven, Corynne was elected Class Secretary every year until graduations. She also participated in the Student Senate, the National Honor Society, and the Catalina Club. During her senior year, she participated in the Chamber Choir Championship and served as Co-Captain of the Dance Team.

Corynne attended DePaul University starting in 2008. Here, she studies a large range of subjects to complement her major in International Studies. Her coursework has included forays into European integration Globalization, International Economics, Critical Theory, and Cultural Analysis.

Like her high school education, Corynne’s college experience has been marked by notable achievements. She was a member of Depaul Universities oldest Sorority, Delta Zeta Theta Theta. She has made the Dean’s list every year since attending DePaul, and has contributed over 50 hours to community service in the Chicago area.


In addition to her extensive volunteer work, Corynne Fish has become active in several fields. While attending DePaul, she worked as a nanny for a local Chicago family. Here, she became experienced in providing high-quality care for young children.

Corynne currently works through DePaul as a correspondent and Publication Design Editor for the student-run International Studies Newsletter: INTerrupted Silence. This widely-recognized newsletter features insightful articles dedicated to international awareness. Corynne has had a significant impact of the current popularity and quality of the newsletter.

Corynne will be graduating in 2012. She is currently considering options for future employment.