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Published July 03, 2010
Happy 4th of July to everyone.  The results for #12, from our guest judge MadAdam, are in.  Again thanks to all who participate along with MadAdam.  Along with the results of #12 is the photo for #13.  From Guest Judge MadAdam:Hey, fellow Capaddicts! Hope everyone's having a great 4th of July Weekend so far. I'd like to thank Pockets McMingey for giving me my first gig as a guest judge. I must say I like the feeling of authority, I'm drunk with power...... or maybe I'm just drunk. Let's do this.Honorable Mentions:For sheer simplicity and for his ability to keep a finger on the pulse of Popular Culture (not easy for an old dude)-JoeLeeThree- Oh Miley!For making me wonder what those people do to get on Cash CabLizardladyflorida- It's the only way they can get a cab in the city, works every time.For providing me with a visual that made me feel a tad Pervy-Runsilentrundeep- All you can eat Buffy.(you go now, you been here 4 hour!)Bronze: For doing his part to bring the joy of politics to F.O.D.-Chukkling- Obamas Health Care Plan brings gynecology to the streets.(and at night, no less)Silver:Also for his ability to feel the pulse of Popular Culture, although he seems to do that by giving it a prostate exam-BcDarr- Looks like Mel Gibsons church is up and running.And the Gold goes to: Runsilentrundeep for his Masterful ability to weave 3 ( maybe 4) sexual references into a caption of only 8 words-Knuckleballer Phil Kneikro approaches the mound in relief.Pockets daily caption contest #13