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July 03, 2010


Happy 4th of July to everyone.  The results for #12, from our guest judge MadAdam, are in.  Again thanks to all who participate along with MadAdam.  Along with the results of #12 is the photo for #13. 

From Guest Judge MadAdam:
Hey, fellow Capaddicts! Hope everyone's having a great 4th of July Weekend so far. I'd like to thank Pockets McMingey for giving me my first gig as a guest judge. I must say I like the feeling of authority, I'm drunk with power...... or maybe I'm just drunk. Let's do this.

Honorable Mentions:

For sheer simplicity and for his ability to keep a finger on the pulse of Popular Culture (not easy for an old dude)-

JoeLeeThree- Oh Miley!

For making me wonder what those people do to get on Cash Cab

Lizardladyflorida- It's the only way they can get a cab in the city, works every time.

For providing me with a visual that made me feel a tad Pervy-

Runsilentrundeep- All you can eat Buffy.

(you go now, you been here 4 hour!)


For doing his part to bring the joy of politics to F.O.D.-

Chukkling- Obamas Health Care Plan brings gynecology to the streets.

(and at night, no less)


Also for his ability to feel the pulse of Popular Culture, although he seems to do that by giving it a prostate exam-

BcDarr- Looks like Mel Gibsons church is up and running.

And the Gold goes to:

Runsilentrundeep for his Masterful ability to weave 3 ( maybe 4) sexual references into a caption of only 8 words-

Knuckleballer Phil Kneikro approaches the mound in relief.

Pockets daily caption contest #13