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July 18, 2008


Did you ever ask yourself "Is my house a White Trash house?"  Well hopefully this question and answer can help you with this dilema. 

Does 90% of your front yard consist of mud?

Do you have more then one car parked outside your house that doesnt run?

If you do have a car outside your house that doesnt run, are you using it for storage?

Do you let your garbage build on the front porch until garbage day?

Instead of leaving a note that your doorbell doesnt work, you just actually write it on your house?

Does your house smell like animals, even though you dont own any pets?

After a quick glance would someone assume your house is vacant?

Is your front yard your dogs toilet?

Do you have plants growing in your gutters?

Do you live where theres a extremly high chance for a hurricane?

Do you have a car racing or sports banner hanging outside your house?

Are there weeds in front of your house that can actually be considered bushes?

Do you have a spare tire as a lawn ornament?

Is it March and you still have your christmas decorations up?

At Christmas time does your decorations actually look like someone graffittied your house with christmas lights?

Do you have large animal statues incorporated in your landscaping?

Do you have a sign posted anywhere that implys something about No soliciting and the fact you own a gun?

Does tire pressure play a factor in the design of your house?

Do you have bed sheets as curtains?

Are there newspapers / advertisements around your lawn that are over a month old?

Is your mailbox shaped like a fish or animal?

Is your storm door or windows covered in dog prints and slobber?

Is the back of your TV visible through your front window?

I hope this helps in some way, I will list more later if your still not quite sure.