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May 24, 2010


So, Sarah Ferguson, former Duchess of York (I don't know if she got to keep her "title" after the divorce and I don't really care),  got  "stung" negotiating a bribe from a "businessman" (actually an undercover reporter), to set up a meeting with her ex-husband who is not only  prince, but also some sort of representative for trade in the UK.  She thought it was worth a half a million euro to have her quote "open doors" for the businessman... a half a million for her, personally, stressing that Andrew wouldn't "take a penny", but would meet with the briber.
It's not a news flash that Ms Ferguson is a greedy cow.  It's also not really news that she would throw Randy Andy under the bus a thousand times because he seems to take her toe sucking, bankruptcy filing woe in stride.
I've always cut Red a bit of slack because she always came second, you know?  She married second to the throne.  She was always compared to Diana,  who may have also had personal digression and struggle, but there was and still is a huge love for Diana, a sympathy and an admiration for her and her memory that Red just can't compete with by any stretch of the imagination. 
Living in that shadow of expectation, having been exploited by others and by her own hand, and since she wrote a few children's books...I've never had beef with her.
I actually don't even have beef with what she got caught doing, because I imagine that deals like that go down a thousand times a day and the rich get richer, it's not new song.
What bothers me, and it really does bother me, is her claiming to be "DEVASTATED"  by it.  
I'd accept embarrassed, apologetic, horrified, etc, but  "devastated" implies that she's been victimized in some way when actually SHE's THE  VICTIMIZER! 
All she did was get caught, what's to be so devastated about?  She cashed the check, right?  So, what's the problem?
She embarrassed the royal family?  Old hat.  She embarassed her children?  Again, nothing new there.  She embarrassed herself?  Toe jam.
She can keep her "devastation" to herself.