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October 31, 2008


No doubt many of you will vote for Obama believing that a new era of all-embracing harmony shall cover the land like rivulets of bipartisan dew.  We on the other hand just want him to do less evil.  Call us cynical, but new eras have a hard time dawning while Steny Hoyer is Majority Leader. (Though it would be nice to see Joe Lieberman forced to crawl across Statuary Hall on his way to the 36 member GOP caucus while being jabbed with pointed sticks and slapped in his sanctimonious face with the entrails of rotting fish...see...who says we can’t dream!)

Back when the rancid visage of George W Bush first spittled its way into the national consciousness, we were sure he would never be elected.  Our reason? “Just look at him!”  You could see he was the most transparently unfit being to hold office since Caligula made his horse a Senator.  Look now at John McCain...the desperate, addled, graceless, jittery, watery-eyed basket case who’s offering “a firm hand on the tiller”.  Put aside that well before the next presidential term expires, McCain appears lucky to have a firm hand on his walker.  Put aside that GOP Senators are on record as saying they are terrified of a man with his temper being anywhere near such power.  Put aside that McCain’s closest economic advisor is Phil Mush Mouth Gramm, champion of Enron&bank deregulation. Put aside that in his only actual  governing decision McCain chose Sarah Palin.

No...if there is one transcendent reason not to vote for McCain or Nader or Paul it is that this country must not validate Bush.  Should Obama win, the media...not just Fox but blithering idiots like Brokaw&Blitzer...will be decreeing before the last votes are in what “this election means”.  This election CAN NOT, if we really have any interest in going on as a country, be said to mean that Bush and Cheney got away with it.

This election can not mean that torture is OK, that science has less credence than a book, that the Constitution is just another “advice document”, that government is nothing more than a trough of crony capitalist swill, that thought and rationality and basic economic fairness hold less sway than the inanities of Samuel Wurzelbacher.

After January 20th, there is a very real possibility that Dick Cheney and W. would be arrested for war crimes if they travel abroad. Don’t let it be said that in this country...founded by Franklin & Washington & Jefferson & Adams & Paine & Hamilton & Madison...that we responded to all this evil with a McCain presidency.  If we do that...then we have looked at the horror, greed and incompetence of the last eight years and responded as Cheney did to a question from Martha Raddatz...with a twisted lip, a heart full of hate, a visible contempt for law and our fellow human beings...and one word...”So”.