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November 16, 2008


I have blogged previously about the perils of the potty and how it's a detriment to society as a whole because women are forced to wipe up after one another before they can use the toilet thus putting us in an even more foul mood then we were in already. Behold! On Amazon.ca, I have found the ultimate device of true gender equality and it is named "SheWee"! The "SheWee" is a portable urinating device for women (which can be ordered with handy accessories), and it allows the woman to stand when she pees, thus we can forego the chore of wiping and either covering the seat with paper or trying to squat without touching anything or falling over. The SheWee, is liberation. I would only dare to take it a step further to make it of biodregradable material which could be flushed along with the pee and paper, but at least in rinsing out the plastic device, one is only dealing with pee from their own person and not anyone elses. I have to say....I like it :)