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November 24, 2008


My buddies and I went out to the bar this weekend. The bar scenes pretty cool but my buddy Jared goes out for one reason and one reason only, the ladies. I just call them girls but to Jared its the ladies. Well Jared has the worst pickup lines I've seen but not till tonight did I hear the worst. Jared walks up to the lady with the drink he bought trying to look like a cross between a pimp and a badass. Well he sets the drink down says his line and proceeded to get slapped in the face. I just start laughing thinking this guy threw some lame line. The great one, " you wash your pants with windex, cause I can see myself in them." No this time he out did himself. He walks up and proceeds to set the drink down and the girl asks, "whats in this?" Jared proceeds to say, "well its Sex on the Beach with a twist of GHB."