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September 17, 2011

Bedroom Antics gone wrong

Hi there boys and girls,

                                    Although mainly girls if you don’t mind.


Today I will be talking about Sex….. Yes I know it’s a bit of a taboo but bare with me.


Me and my Favourite girl always try and one up each other in the bedroom and the kitchen and the crematorium, but recently this has escalated into a little more violence than I would enjoy.


Let me explain


One night I decided to give her a gentle slap on the ass and the following night she responded with a playful cat like scratch on my chest, and the next night I decided to introduce a belt to whip her with.


And to cut a very long, sweaty and tiring story short, she ended up hospitalizing me with a cricket bat.


So here’s a piece of advice for you girls…… just because a man has a bat next to his bed, it does not mean its for sexual use.



Thanks for listening and have a great sex life






Also I would like to point out that my favourite girl is not a hooker despite what the local tabloids would have you believe.