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August 07, 2008


     Okay, like I said, I am a very sarcastic person, so, I have decided to grace you with my idea on scary movies. I know its sad that it makes me happy to bash stuff, and its kind bitchy too, but I am just pointing out all the things we think.

     Of course, they scare the shit out of you when you watch it the first time, but then, you watch it again- you have done this- and you are so ashamed you were scared. (Thats how I was with The Grugde and  The Gugde 2.

    So, here are some things that we all just about scary movies.

     1) Okay, so the powere is out, and the girl is all alone right? She heres a sound, Of course she yells "Tommy?", because it has to be Tommy right? It could not possibly be the guy who just tried to get in and kill you. "Tommy, thats not funny." Oh, but what do you know, Tommy is dead, big shock right there eh? Then she starts to panic, because as we all know, only good can come from panic.

     2) now, the girl-Its always a girl mind you- now, she is runnig for her life, not that fast might I add,  and Oh no! she tripped on the root of a tree that happens to be sticking up three feet in the air. She just so happens to land on her back facing her attacker,  and instead of getting up, which would be soooo much faster, she decides to crawl away, on her back crying. Now, in my opinion, she is just begging for him to kill her.

     And at this point, I realize, that the point of Scay Movie is to make fun of this stuff. Good thing someone can afford to do it.